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Sensitive skin is acutely affected by skincare ingredients. We know this because our own family has members with sensitive skin and skin conditions (including vitiligo, rosacea, and eczema).
Our products are handcrafted in our Atlanta, Georgia studio in small batches, allowing us complete control of ingredients and ensuring quality and freshness. We never use artificial preservatives.
Monthly Self-Care Box, from $20.00
Monthly Self-Care Box

Subscribe and get self-care delivered right to your door. Always gentle and always preservative-free, our monthly Box includes fun, skin-loving products made with organic ingredients. Each month you'll receive a box of goodies to help you relax and rewind as you soothe, scrub, and moisturize your skin. You can expect to receive a variety of skintastic products like bath confetti, bath bombs, exfoliating sugar cubes, whipped body butter, edible lip scrub, hand & body balm, natural soap, or clay masks as well as extras like soy candles & safety matches, shower poufs, or pumice stones. Each month is a different box. Each box arrives like a beautifully packaged gift to your skin, making these the perfect gift for friends and loved ones who need self-care but never think about themselves. Send a single box for a month of self-care or keep the love flowing with a subscription - just add a gift message and we'll include a personal card from you.

From $20.00/mo.

Soap Box, from $6.75
Soap Box

What's in your soap? If you're still using mass-produced soap, you could be harming your skin. Did you know that liquid soaps contain preservatives? Care for skin with natural soap. Our thoughtfully created soaps are created in small batches with carefully selected ingredients. Small batches allow us complete control over ingredients and quality, ensuring that each bar is full of skin-loving goodness. Subscribe and get a different, luxurious, skin-loving bar of soap - plus one or more free skintastic gifts - delivered right to your door each month. Every month features a different theme. Your first Box also includes a 100% natural fiber soap saver bag.

From $6.75/mo.

Scrub Box for Men, from $6.75
Scrub Box for Men

Guys have skin too, and even the toughest guys need to take care of it, so we're making it easy. Our soap is made from scratch in small batches with natural and organic ingredients you can pronounce. Every bar is created with skin-loving butters and natural exfoliants to cleanse skin deeply without stripping - premium skincare without a premium price. Each Box comes with a 100% natural fiber soap saver bag; we know dudes are too busy to carefully rinse and hang soap bags, so we're replacing it every month. (simply recycle or compost the old bags!)

From $6.75/mo.