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Santa Monica, CA
"Beauty, like food, should be a health choice." - Anisha Khanna, CEO.
Self-care makes you feel good and look good, especially when it's natural. Introducing Sonage's Skincare Subscription Box - a great way to discover clean beauty favorites, monthly! Every box is guaranteed to receive Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Spa-grade skincare.
Skincare Subscription Box, from $15.00
Skincare Subscription Box

RESERVE YOUR OCTOBER BOX - limited quantity Skincare makes you look good and feel good. We want to give our new, and existing, customers the opportunity to try all of our wonderful products. The Sonage Skincare 'MYSTERY' subscription box is a great way to discover new favorites! You receive: -A full-size Sonage product. Every month. -15% off throughout the first week. Every month. -Sonage Organic Tote Bag ($15 value) in your first box. -Free domestic shipping. Always. -And you enjoy a SWEET deal of $14.95 (up to $75 value)

From $15.00/mo.