• Trendy Chick

Trendy Chick

Longview, TX
Whoa!!! You're such a trendy chick & this is the absolute must have box to treat yourself. Filled with 5-7 exclusively curated pieces of joy; each specifically designed and selected to deliver wit, humor, sass, upliftment & motivation...all sprinkled with dust from the most amazing glitter fairies ever! Apparel & accessories so you set the trends!
Trendy Chick Glam Box, from $44.95
Trendy Chick Glam Box

You set the trend for the season of your life! Treat yourself to an amazing delivery full of wit, humor, sass, encouragement & motivation sprinkled with just a bit of bling! Carefully curated with exclusive designs and themes to fit the times of our lives. Includes 5-7 full size items including a high quality apparel item; fun accessories and must-haves! This shipment will depart on the 4th-5th of every month.

From $44.95/mo.