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The Stoney Babe

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Crescent City, CA
The Baked Beauty Box- Tarot Queen
Ships Last Week Of February
A fun box that's as mystical as it is magical.
It features a mix of:
--->Beauty Products
--->Your Stoney Smoking Essentials
--->Lifestyle Girly Goodies
The Stoney Babe Box, from $33.00
The Stoney Babe Box

Amazing Boxes filled with girly smoker babe accessories! Bringing you glamorous hippies all the goodies to bake pretty, Each box purchased will have 5-12 Girly smoker items. Our boxes contain mostly smoker and hemp themed products but also have a mixture of other goodies such as healing jewelry, or small makeup products. We also have lots of custom handcrafted goods such as: sparkly hand dusted clipper lighters, custom made adorable sparkle grinders, flavored rolling papers, cute leaf socks, hemp lip balm, fun pipes, cute joint holders, pre-rolled cones, Bong bling stickers, etc.. Every box purchased will support small women-owned businesses just like this one. Us women deserve to feel comfortable in the industry and look cute while doing so. *Disclaimer: for legal usage & products only.*

From $33.00/mo.

Everygal Essentials Mini Box, from $20.00
Everygal Essentials Mini Box

"Silly Love Box" ships Feb around the 8-15th. The Everygal Essentials Mini Box is a mystery box of stoney babe accessories and themed products. This box is designed for those who want an adorable collection of smoker essentials and goodies with a super good price tag. You can expect to find things like: Glass pieces, pipes, grinders, lighters, hempwick, papers, wraps, doob tubes, stash containers, ect. You will also find a few fun items like beauty products, candles, or cbd. This box differs from our mystery box by having different themes and containing less, or smaller product than our mystery boxes. It is designed to have more essentials and less custom & collectible goodies.. Each box will contain a smoking piece, and multiple smoking necessities. Boxes ship around the 8-12th of each month. Renews on the 20th of each month.

From $20.00/mo.

The Baked Beauty Box, from $19.83
The Baked Beauty Box

The Baked Beauty Box- Tarot Queen Ships February 19th-28th What do the cards have in store for you? Our Tarot Queen Baked Beauty Box Is As Beautiful As It Is Mystical. It features a mix of: --->Beauty Products --->Stoney Smoking Goodies --->Lifestyle Girly Goodies

From $19.83/mo.