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The Clinky Club LLC

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Ellenton, FL
A package with bursts of love, news, brain quenchers, stories and stationary for YOUR loved one in prison. They are not forgotten nor have they lost their individuality, and there is no better way to show them than to subscribe to this package for them! Special items on holidays!! This package is For enlightenment and love.
The Clinky Club LLC, from $16.67
The Clinky Club LLC

This is a package filled with love, news, encouragement and material to keep ones brain occupied and sharp while in prison. This package is designed for inmates in the Florida Department of Corrections, although we are soon in the works to broaden across the country. Each package has 12-15 items in it including but not limited to, unique stationary paper, colorful envelops, brain teasers and puzzles, adult coloring pages, calendars, short stories, memes, quotes, news insert with all the latest news on politics, entertainment, environmental and state, a prisoners story told by them, cards and more. Each month will be themed differently and on holidays, we send out two packages with material pertaining to the specific holiday. It’s easy for loved ones in prison to be “ forgotten” in a way and it’s the normal living conditIon for things to be dull and colorless. Our goal is to provide warmth and color into their lives while keeping them full of hope and broadening intelligence and asserting compassion through others stories. We also aim to bring a sense of pamper and individuality through getting their personal subscriptions.

From $16.67/mo.