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Langhorne, PA
The Cocktail Piano Box by Dave Cornwall...that "something new" for relaxing personal quiet time, that eagerly anticipated romantic evening at home, date night, or just those special times with friends and family. Standards and our "new" standards, i.e. those enduring favorite tunes from the recent past, that are fresh and all new for solo jazz piano arrangements that relax, inspire, and renew. Cool and comfortable music for entertaining, nurturing important relationships, and just living...through life's ups and downs.
The Cocktail Piano Box - Classic Music of the Times To Invigorate, Inspire and Renew
The Cocktail Piano Box - CD, Digital, or Streaming, from $9.66
The Cocktail Piano Box - CD, Digital, or Streaming

The Cocktail Piano Box is an engaging bi-monthly music subscription from Dave Cornwall Jazz Piano. Every other month, you'll receive a very special album of songs that are truly the sought after standards in America's most comfortable and relaxing fine dining establishments, private country clubs, luxury hotels, and upscale cocktail bars. The "box" is the album and each includes a wide variety of very popular cocktail piano selections...relaxing and sometimes inspiring music from Sinatra, to Broadway, to Lionel Richie and the music of recent decades. The great and very best music and timeless standards from yesterday and today. The Cocktail Piano Box subscription is a limited 6 album subscription and ends after one year. One album is sent every other month. Ideal for those times when some light and inspiring music can turn an average night into a very special evening. Note - 12 month subscription consists of 6 albums. 6 month subscription consists of 3 albums. 4 month subscription consists of 2 albums, i.e. one album every 60 days. 2 month subscription consists of one album

From $9.66/box