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Salem, AR
Hello! I'm a single person craft shop. I love creating and crafting. I'm excited to share my designs with you!
The Happy Ears Box (Themed Stud Earrings), from $23.00
The Happy Ears Box (Themed Stud Earrings)

Bring some excitement to your mailbox and your wardrobe!! Subscribe to receive some adorableness in your life each month! With each shipment you'll receive 9 new pairs of earrings to wear for the month! These earrings are hand-crafted and all fit with the month's holiday. They are all original, hand-made items! Each month you will receive 9 pairs of small, stud earrings that are all adorable! New shipments will go out the first week of the month. :) All items are made with either wood or acrylic and hand-crafted. They are all put together with hypoallergenic findings. Most of the stud earrings will be very small and approximately 1 cm in height/length.

From $23.00/mo.