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The Joyful Nursing Home

Send the gift of Joy to your loved one in the Nursing Home. They’ll receive items to keep them feeling connected, peaceful, and entertained. Most importantly, you can show them that they are loved no matter the distance, time constraints, or restrictions keeping you apart.
The Joyful Nursing Home Box, from $43.15
The Joyful Nursing Home Box

Hello! Welcome to The Joyful Nursing Home. We send subscription gift boxes filled with goodies and joy on your behalf to your loved one in a Nursing Home. This Subscription Box makes it easy to play a role in enriching your loved ones life, and show them that you are thinking of them. We are different from other Subscription Boxes because our mission is centered on creating better quality of life for Nursing Home residents. We know it is hard to visit often, especially during these troubled times. We don't fill our boxes with knick-knacks. We fill our boxes with items aimed towards reducing loneliness, increasing feelings of connection to loved ones, stimulating thought and personal growth, and brightening their living space. Our mission is to deliver joy, purpose, and connection to your loved-one each month. In every box, we include: - A Family Newsletter. We know you are thinking of your loved-one in the Nursing Home. We want to make it easy for you to show them that you are thinking of them. Each month, you have the option of sending a Family Newsletter. This includes photos you want to share with them, and life-updates you think they’d enjoy! - A Book. A carefully selected book we think your loved-one will enjoy. - Book Prompts. To keep their mind curious and entertained while reading! - A Mindfulness/Personal Growth Tip of the Month. Research has shown that Nursing Home residents who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, loneliness, or depression can benefit from the use of mindfulness and meditation practices. It is our goal at The Joyful Nursing Home to help recipients be active participants in their healing process. Each month, we include a tip to help them grow their healthy mindset. - Activities. To keep them entertained! - A Special Surprise. Who doesn’t love surprises? Okay, okay… plenty of people don’t love surprises. But we hope your loved-one will enjoy this one! We include something we like to call a "Brightener" - something to brighten their room, their mood, or their mind!

From $43.15/mo.