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Vaughan, CA
Welcome to ManBox! Let's not complicate things with a bunch of fancy marketing BS. We are three brothers who wanted to make a BADA$$$ company that promotes all things MEN! We like beer, we like boobs and we like a good time. Now we can't exactly send you an ice cold brew in the box, but we promise that each box will have items that you will actually use! Each curated box will contain 4-5 LEGENDARY items... We're talking tactical gadgets, survival gear, everyday men's accessories, sh!t to spice it up on the grill, and a bunch more GREATNESS. You won't be disappointed!

(And it's only $14... don't be cheap!)

We gladly offer refunds for UNSHIPPED boxes; however, once a box has been shipped, we cannot accommodate refunds. Therefore, if your account has renewed (per subscription agreement your card has been charged) and you DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE the box you must contact us as soon as possible to let us know. A cancellation does not equal an automatic refund.
We do not offer refunds based on preference. For example, if you receive a box that does not interest you - a refund will not be issued. We DO NOT offer refunds on pre-paid subscriptions UNLESS the first box of that subscription has not shipped. RETURNS are not accepted. Whether or not the box has been opened, we do not issue refunds for returns. For any further questions, please contact us.
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The ManBox

Welcome to The ManBox! Every MONTH a new BOX will be delivered right to your door. What's in the box? Each box includes 4-5 LEGENDARY items that you could actually use... And it's only $24!

From $20.32/mo.