• The Real Box - Period

The Real Box - Period

Chocolates, pads/tampons, granny panties, and more. The Real Box makes sure your monthly feels special and not a burden, The Real Box literally makes your life easier. This box has the things you really need and want to help you relax and win.
The Real Period Box provides you the real things you need.
Sit back, relax and we have you covered,
The Real Monthly Period Box, from $28.33
The Real Monthly Period Box

No games or special gimmicks and everything you need. The Real Monthly Period Box has chocolates, granny panties, pads/tampons, belly warmer, and feminine wipes. We set you up and keep you replenished. No more being caught off guard, The Real Box is the only box you need for your monthly, You can even request an earlier shipment if you expect your period to come before your box.

From $28.33/mo.