• The Singles Mixer

The Singles Mixer

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Clinton, USA
You’ve just heard this great song on the radio and you just gotta have it! But you don’t want to take a chance spending all you’re money on an entire album. So what do you do? You head to the record store and buy the single! Then you bring it home and play the snot out of it. Re-live those days with The Singles Mixer Box!
The 45 rpm Singles Box, from $24.95
The 45 rpm Singles Box

This is a collection of at least 12 randomly selected singles that will most definitely bring a flood of great memories to your life. You can add them to your already existing collection, or you can start a brand new collection! You could add them to your jukebox. (jukebox not included.) Get an inexpensive record player for your kids and introduce them to the exciting world of vinyl as they enjoy awesome tunes from the past. For each single in your box, you will also receive a protective plastic outer sleeve as well as a new plain white paper sleeve for archiving. You’ll also receive a yellow 45 single adapter (we call them “lil’ sunshines”) for each record. I also pre-listen to each single to make sure they all sound great! Turn the clock back as you listen to these classics! Then when you're done, make sure to turn your clock back to the correct time in order to avoid confusion in your home.

From $24.95/mo.

Ol' Dusty 45s Box, from $14.95
Ol' Dusty 45s Box

These discs have been loved the most. They are older than most people alive today! They are still playable, don't skip, aren't broken, etc., but they sound, well, old. If nothing else, you can use them for crafts. In fact, you will find a great "How-To" card in every box to inspire crafting ideas!

From $14.95/mo.