• Spicery Recipe Kits

Spicery Recipe Kits

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Bristol, GB
A perfect gift for a culinary explorer or treat yourself to simple but exotic flavours!
TWO recipe kits with freshly blended spices, portioned out, to create outstanding & unusual meals for 4 people.
Add the fresh ingredients, follow the step-by-step instructions & create incredible world food - amaze your friends &family, with minimum effort!
Spicery Recipe Kits, from $13.50
Spicery Recipe Kits

Discover new recipes and share amazing food every month! Each month we will send you 2 of our favourite recipe kits! We have an enormous range from Sarawak Laksa to Moroccan Tagine, Nigerian Suya Kebabs to Rogan Josh and every month we'll select the two most popular kits and send them to arrive directly through your letterbox! We travel the world discovering new and exciting recipes and then create carefully measured spice blends to send alongside our laminated recipes cards. Simply add the fresh ingredients (i.e. meat, veg) which are all easily available from any supermarket (or are likely to be already in the cupboard at home!). It's easy to impress your friends and loved ones by creating authentic flavours from around the world, and discover new ingredients and cooking techniques along the way. Each kit (2 in total) contains 2-4 bags of fragrant spices and spice blends and the recipe serves 4 people. The exact spices are listed on the recipe card and allergens are clearly labelled.

From $13.50/mo.