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All Monthly Dungeons Chest Will Include Officially Licensed Collectables Including A Few Exclusive Products From The Wizards Dungeon Only!
With every Dungeon's chest, we will include our collectable Wizards Ticket, which will automatically enter you into our amazing yearly giveaway from December 2021!
The Dungeon's Chest Subscription Box, from $29.50
The Dungeon's Chest Subscription Box

You will receive a monthly box full of officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise with a few amazing exclusives from The Wizards Dungeon! With every subscription you will receive our collectable Wizards ticket, which will automatically enter your to our awesome yearly giveaway starting from December 2021, starting with The First Edition, First Print Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone! 😍 First Orders will be dispatched from 14th January 2021 and will continue every month. Sign up to secure your first box!!

From £29.50/mo.