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Growing together!
To a child, seeing plants grow is like magic. Just as with learning to walk, children learn best by doing rather than by watching. With the Tikes Garden Box, children (and parents) learn that plants, just like people, need care and attention.
We encourage you to make these garden projects a fun family activity. Experiencing a Tikes Garden Box is filled with exploration, education, and fun, allowing kids to experience growing firsthand and participate in active learning.
Tikes Garden Box, from $27.08
Tikes Garden Box

Everything a young gardener needs to build rewarding, and enriching seasonal garden projects. With visually illustrated instructions, simple garden care tips, and properly portioned ingredients assembly is fun & easy! Indoor and outdoor projects, based on season. Recommended age: 6 - 10 (under 6 with adult supervision) Older kids may want to try 'The Plant Club' https://www.theplantclub.com/

From $27.08/mo.