• Together Unplugged

Together Unplugged

Black Mountain, NC
Together Unplugged is MUCH MORE than a single-session box, providing items & resources that your family can use to unplug & engage together throughout the month & beyond!
Best for families with kids ages 6+
No contracts or commitments.
Skip/Cancel/Restart easily, anytime.
Together Unplugged Family Fun Box, from $44.95
Together Unplugged Family Fun Box

Together Unplugged is a monthly surprise delivery of hands-on games & activities that help families connect, play, and celebrate together! Spending time together in the absence of electronic distractions is becoming increasingly scarce in today's world. Gadgets like smartphones can replace many things in our lives, but they can never replace relationships. They can, however, distract us from investing the focused time & attention which are vital for cultivating and maintaining relationships. This is where we wish to help, because disengaging from electronics is a lot easier when your family has new, kid & parent approved, screen-free options delivered to your home each month! Our mission at Together Unplugged is to make it easier for families to unplug, play and celebrate together more often...with no screens attached.

From $44.95/mo.