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Black Mountain, NC
If your family enjoys games, puzzles, crafts, themed snacks, and prompts that get you laughing & chatting at the dinner table, you're going to LOVE Together Unplugged! Jam-packed with activities everyone will enjoy (not just the kids!), it helps you unplug from distractions and plug into what really matters - your relationships with each other.
Together Unplugged Family Fun Box, from $43.99
Together Unplugged Family Fun Box

Every box contains an easy-to-learn game, a group craft activity, a family team-building activity, a themed creation activity, a themed treat, a calendar of fun & unique holidays to celebrate, PLUS monthly bonus items! Together Unplugged makes it easier to take regular screen breaks to connect, create, play & celebrate together! SHIPPING (Average cost of $12 for our 12" x 12" x 4" box) is FREE with all plans! Together Unplugged makes a GREAT gift! You can send a single box, subscribe so they receive a box every month, or select a 3-month single or recurring term. If you wish to send a single box or just a specific term and do not want it to automatically renew, follow these steps: 1) Select "Give as a Gift" 2) Choose a Plan 3) Toggle off "Your gift will automatically renew" so it says "Your gift will not renew".

From $43.99/mo.