• Touch of New England

Touch of New England

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Dover, NH
We are dedicated to supporting regional artisans & businesses by curating & delivering quality & interesting New England-made products to consumers.
Enjoy 4-6 full-size quality products (valued up to $100!) from the six New England states, while supporting the artisans and businesses who make New England unique.
Maple Madness, from $57.00
Maple Madness

Maple makes everything better! You’ll love these delicious maple products and fun, maple-themed goods from across New England.

From $57.00/mo.

Winter Wonderland, from $57.00
Winter Wonderland

Enjoy 6 various, full-size, quality items from around New England, designed to keep you cozy during winter.

From $57.00/mo.

Cherish, from $57.00

Cherish yourself. Cherish the planet. Cherish those around you. With these sweet and eco-friendly gifts, you can treat yourself or those you love to a touch of New England quality and charm.

From $57.00/mo.

Bee My Honey, from $57.00
Bee My Honey

Honeybees are the ultimate eco-friendly producers. Enjoy New England-made, quality goods that honor these vital pollinators.

From $57.00/mo.

Nautical, from $57.00

Hit the open sea with class and style. These fun Nautical products are sure to help you feel the ocean spray from the comfort of your home.

From $57.00/mo.