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Vital Makeup Support Co.

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Inkster, MI
Our Mission at Vital Makeup Support Company is to help the Makeup Artist community build a better face, by providing a convenient way of having all the necessary sanitize makeup applicator support supplies conveniently packaged and ready for use, via a quarterly subscription bag.
As an artist, you shouldn’t have to run around, visiting multiple store locations, to purchase individual applicator support products. We strive to make your life stress-free by providing commonly used makeup applicator; mascara wands, eye makeup pencil sharpener, makeup sponges, lipstick/gloss brushes, disposable eyeshadow applicators, cotton double swaps, cotton balls, plus every subscriber receives free surprise makeup related items in every delivery.
Sampler Makeup Application Bag, from $15.00
Sampler Makeup Application Bag

Don’t become flustered when encountering makeup flaws & not having needed makeup applicators. Our MUA Applicator bag contains common makeup applicators: Mascara Wands, Makeup Sponges, Eyeshadow Applicators, Cosmetic pencil sharpeners…just to name a few. Now you can it all and when needed, sanitized makeup applicators ready for that next look conveniently at your disposal! plus a FREE mystery makeup product as a thank you gift!

From $15.00/mo.