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Como, IT
We want to take you to the Italian countryside and tell you about the winegrowers, their land, their effort, and their life.
To do so, we ship you hand-picked, rare fine wines from Italy. Taste bottles you can't find anywhere else, discover uncommon labels and native wines, Be among the few who can enjoy these unique wines!
Vitium Wine Surprise Selection, from $79.90
Vitium Wine Surprise Selection

Try the exclusive Vitium Wine Experience with one box containing a special selection of 2 wines from our Somms, perfect for every occasion. Vitium Wine Experience is a wine discovery that brings Italian rare wine, selected to meet your specific preferences, to your door every month. DRINK RARE WINES: Vitium is the new and smart way to discover and enjoy small-production Italian wine. You can visit different Italian landscapes every month, and dive into Italian history and flavor thanks to our fine selected wines and tasting guides. We travel around Italy to meet small winemakers, try their wines, and select the best bottles for a unique, joyful, and educational experience. BECOME AN EXPERT: In our tasting guides, we'll tell you the story of the winemaker, describe the growing region and the winemaking process used for that specific bottle you received. We will guide you through wine tasting and help you serve and pair the wine for your guests. Finally, we will teach you a local Italian recipe that pairs perfectly with your new wine. MAKE AN IMPACT: We don't do our job just to bring you amazing wines you can't find anywhere else, but we want to revolutionize the market of wine, which is nowadays dominated by big spirits and beverage corporates. We want to bring the small producers, who are in love with their land and work with passion 24/7, to the spotlight and we want them to receive the international recognition they deserve. A good feedback from a customer on the other side of the ocean is more important than income for them. Will you support their work with us? Start your personalized journey to Italian wine regions, visit www.vitium.it/ to customize your subscription service!

From €79.90/mo.