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Los Angeles, CA
Based on the emerging science of ritual, we design self-care practices that incorporate mindfulness, intention, action, and reflection. This powerful combination—what we like to call illuminated wellness—has been shown to positively impact thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Well-Lit Ritual Subscription Box, from $22.50
Well-Lit Ritual Subscription Box

ELEVATE YOUR SELF-CARE ROUTINE WITH A WELL-LIT SUBSCRIPTION! Each box is intentionally curated to guide you through a personal ritual with bespoke tools, exclusive products only available through our subscription, and a detailed ritual outline, plus little bonuses like samples and/or crystals intuitively chosen just for you! Ritual No. 1 is all about new beginnings, planting seeds for growth and abundance, and a renewed sense of self. This box includes: -Custom 3 oz. tea blend from Apotherie with stimulating Ginseng, bright sun energy from Chrysanthemum & Calendula, tonifying Nettle, and wise and gentle Elderflower to bring energy from the lower foundations into the solar plexus chakra. Only available at Well-Lit. -Ritual Candle from Almanac Supply Co., topped with citrine and charged under the Super Pink Moon, signifying rebirth and renewal. -Citrine Ritual Gem Essence from Moon Nectar Apothecary. Promotes creativity, self-confidence, vitality, and abundance through creative endeavors. -Yerba Santa wand from Attune Collective. Ethically sourced, with Chamomile and Baby’s Breath. Yerba Santa is used for clearing negative energy, protection, healing, and releasing emotional blockages. Chamomile brings comfort. For $75 a quarter, you will receive: 3 or more full-size products, valued at $90 or above. A custom ritual, only available to our subscribers. Bonus samples and/or crystals. Boxes are shipped quarterly (Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice).

From $22.50/mo.