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This fun surprise box is for the free spirited, the nature babes - the wildflowers!
As women, we do it all, take care of everyone else, and rarely leave time for ourselves. We believe that filling our own cup by recharging in nature (whether it be the mountains, the beach, the desert, the woods or a field of wildflowers) is key to living a full and happy life.
As John Muir says, "Everyone needs beauty as well as bread"!
That's where The Wildflower Club comes in.
Every other month, you'll receive a box full of beautiful surprises, custom tailored to lovers of all things found in nature.
The Wildflower Club Bi-Monthly Subscription Box, from $49.95
The Wildflower Club Bi-Monthly Subscription Box

The Wildflower Club is a bi-monthly nature-themed subscription box, designed with you in mind! Each box contains 3-5 items (plus a sticker!) with a nature theme, all made in America by handmade artisans. A variety of businesses are included that are either women owned, eco-friendly, socially conscious, small batch, or all of the above. The contents of your bi-monthly Wildflower Club box are always a surprise - that's half the fun!

From $49.95/box