• Witchy One by Una Spirit

Witchy One by Una Spirit

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Cleveland, NM
A unique jewelry subscription centered around magical, intentional jewelry. Jewelry pieces can include crystals, symbols, mythology, animal totems & more. Box includes 3 jewelry pieces and 2 magical items relating to crystals, jewelry or spell work. An info card sharing intention, properties & tales regarding the jewelry items included.
Witchy One, from $20.00
Witchy One

Magical jewelry for the witchy woman. Each month, receive 2 intentional jewelry pieces along with 2 crystals or a unique item such as a book, body care or magical accessory. Our jewelry can incorporate the magic we seek in our daily lives. Each piece will feature either crystals, symbols or other empowering, intentional adornments with accompanying info on their meaning and purpose. Most pieces will be exclusive to Witchy and found nowhere else. Enhance your practice with jewelry that calls magic deeper into your daily life.

From $20.00/mo.