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Oakland, CA
Perfect for kids 6-11, WompleBox brings the wonders of the world to your child’s fingertips! WompleBox explores countries and cultures through innovative storytelling and STEAM activities that reinforce learning and imagination. Every month, your child will travel to a new place, explore a new culture, and get creative with hands-on projects.
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Give your kid the world! Designed for curious kids 6-11, WompleBox brings your child on a new globetrotting adventure every month. Each month your kid receives a new educational illustrated adventure book, creative craft activity (with enough materials to be shared between 2 kids), fold-out map and country guide, and original collectible item - all focusing on a unique and exciting place in the world. More than just geography, WompleBox introduces kids to different cultures and off-the-beaten-path places in ways that will inspire them to learn and explore.

From $26.99/mo.