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Miami, FL
It feels great when I'm out running errands or with family and people stop to compliment my daughter on how adorable she looks. I love planning her outfits, coordinating colors, and adding a beautiful matching hair bow as the final touch. I can never have enough hair bows, and if you're reading this you probably agree.
The Princess Collection, from $20.00
The Princess Collection

❤ 3 - 4 handmade & hand selected bows ❤ Petite, OTT or boutique style bows ❤ Bows may include rhinestones, feathers, or charms ❤ Always FREE shipping.

From $20.00/mo.

The Queen Collection, from $29.17
The Queen Collection

❤ 5 - 6 Handmade bows ❤ OTT, boutique style, sparkly bling bows, and much more ❤ Some bows will include embellishments like rhinestones, feathers, or charms ❤ Special Birthday Box ❤ Always FREE shipping

From $29.17/mo.