• World Ramens

World Ramens

Lisbon, PT
Try delicious specialty noodles from around the world every month with the premium ramen noodle subscription: World Ramens. The noodles vary from buckwheat to air-dried, udon, and more! We pack each monthly delivery with delicious noodle treats featuring many different styles, all of which are taste-tested by the team.
Pro Box (8 high-end noodles), from $34.99
Pro Box (8 high-end noodles)

The pack features a total of 8 different deluxe noodles!

From $34.99/mo.

Standard Box, from $25.99
Standard Box

This pack features 4 premium noodles varieties! You're the chef! This is the packaged noodle version of our subscription requires a stove and pot. Customize your meal the way you want it.

From $25.99/mo.

Lite Box, from $24.99
Lite Box

This package includes 3 premium noodles delivered to your door every month with free shipping! The selection is the curator's choice. The noodles could be of the packaged or bowl/cup noodle variety. Sometimes the cooking instructions vary, so please refer to our pamphlet or the package's instructions.

From $24.99/mo.