• Authentic Greek Artisanal Food

Authentic Greek Artisanal Food

Cincinnati, OH
A woman-owned and operated business, Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan is committed to bringing the true tastes and flavors of modern Greece to the US. We want our customers to enjoy the same genuine flavors that we grew up with, without preservatives or artificial ingredients. We're convinced that small-batch artisanal food is a healthier and tastier alternative to industrially-processed foods, which is why we only choose organic or all-natural products produced locally in Greece. When you buy one of our Artisans' products, you support a very small business with big dreams, one that embodies contemporary Greek culinary excellence.
The Greek Gourmet Experience, from $95.00
The Greek Gourmet Experience

Curious about Greek food? Looking for a little indulgence, a culinary pick-me-up? Let us surprise you every month with our choice of seven all-natural, gourmet products from our small-batch Greek Artisans. We’ll include a mix of our favorite sweet and savory treats, including a 500ml organic EVOO, so you’ll always have something new to liven up your everyday meals. Greek cooking becomes easy and fun, with simple recipes and stories from our Artisans in every box. Products change monthly and are always full size. This month discover and enjoy: Tragano Greek Organics extra virgin olive oil, 500 ml. Enjoy this single estate Evoo on both your salads and cooked dishes. Tragano Greek Organics roasted red peppers, 500 ml. These real fire-roasted peppers are excellent in bruschetta, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, even on seafood risotto. Tragano Greek Organics green olives, 250 ml. These firm and delicious organic olives from the Halkidiki region of northern Greece are hand-selected and ideal garnishes and cocktails Agrozimi, artisanal spelt hilopites (noodles), 1.1 lb. Produced with a long and slow process - top-quality spelt flour is kneaded with no added salt, shaped through bronze dies, and slowly air-dried at low temperatures to retain its unmatched flavor and nutritional value. Elli & Manos, all-natural tomato and garlic spread/dip, 9.88 oz. You will love the thick, velvety texture as a rich base for pizza, bruschetta, as a tapenade or rich dip. We add a bit of olive oil and cooking water for a simple yet highly aromatic pasta sauce. Citrus, handmade Chian Tangerine (PDO) marmalade, 13.4 oz. Handmade with pieces of the highly aromatic Chian Mandarin floating in a simple, all-natural syrup of sugar, water, and lemon juice. Sparoza, handcrafted Shaman tea, loose leaf spiced black tea/chai in a tin, 3.5 oz. Freshly ground spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger & peppers are blended with the highest quality black tea to offer a multi-sensorial experience - relaxing, soothing, and invigorating at the same time!

From $95.00/mo.