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A monthly subscription for goat's milk soap and lotion lovers
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Never received box. Bad service.

Feb 02, 2019
Kaitlynn M.
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Subscribed for 30 days

I placed my order on January 3rd, and never received an update that my order was being prepared well past the 14 business day mark. I contacted the seller twice, once through cratejoy and one other time through their Gmail account to question when I would receive my box. I never heard back from the seller. I was very excited to try this box while supporting a small business. This situation has effected my experience. I'm not sure if I'd like to try other boxes on Cratejoy. I would like to resolve this issue with this seller as I paid for a Soap and Lotion box, I would like to receive it.
I would not recommend this box to anyone as you may never receive it and could encounter poor customer service.

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Kept charging, stopped sending soap

Apr 08, 2018
Sarah S.
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Subscribed for 5 months

The soaps I did receive were great. Loved them. However, after a few months of receiving my soap later and later after my card was charged, I eventually just stopped receiving the subscription altogether - no shipping information, no soap, nothing. I reached out multiple times to multiple different emails I found for 4Harts Farm, and was never contacted in return, so I had to canceled my subscription.

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Never again

Apr 21, 2019
Lisa R.
1 Review
Subscribed for 24 days

Never received my soap and lotion
Never received a response to the 2 emails I sent
Therefore I cancelled my subscription.
I was really excited because this was a local, hand made soap and lotion but ended up with no refund and no soap or lotion. I couldn’t upload a picture because I received nothing

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Apr 20, 2019
Rebecca L.
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Subscribed for 19 days

I was so excited to find an affordable, natural soap subscription to try out! I wanted to surprise my friend with the soap and I sent it as a gift. I was patient and checked the shipping policy and the seller stated they would ship within two weeks of the order being placed. I waited about three weeks before messaging the seller to ask about shipping and I never got a response. I waited about a week for a response and I never got a refund or an explanation to why the box hasn't shipped yet. I would have liked to simply received an answer to my question, but I am sad to say it never came. I wish I could say this was a good product, but I am not able to say that at this point. I hope the service improves and it can become what it says it is.

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No box

Apr 12, 2019
Rain H.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 month

Paid for a 3 month subscription ..wish i read ALL the reviews before i purchased..havent received a box...seems to be a trend. Contacted seller 3 weeks ago inquiring a ship date and was told they were waiting on supplies.no follow up ship date no heads up. Very discouraged with cratejoy. Had another box have difficulty with ship dates and payments .Had a box cancel due to inability to fill shipments.

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