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Mar 21, 2021
Sarah Y.
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I ordered 3 boxes for my inlaws for Christmas, the first box was missing a few items they which out of stock and they didn’t send them later. Their third box was from Ohio, and my in-laws live in Ohio. This was supposed to be a travel box, not a box of food they can get at their local market. Really would have preferred someone spend the time to look and see where the recipient was located before sending out a box.

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50 States Of Mine said...Mar 21, 2021

Sarah, we apologize that you had missing items in your first box, but we will ALWAYS rectify that situation if we are notified and given the chance. We cannot find correspondence from you addressing this prior to this review. We also cannot assume a box is not wanted because it's from a recipient's home state, nor do we have the resources or made any promises not to send a box from a recipient's state. Some people actually order a box or send a gift because it's from the recipient's home state. There is always the option to skip a month if you check our page to see what the next box is going to be if this is important to you. Lastly,...