A Book and a Bonus

A Book and a Bonus - one brand new book, magnetic bookmark, and bonus gift each month!

Plans as low as $10.00 / month
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  • For existing subscribers, we ship on the 11th of every month. For new subscribers, your first box will also ship on the 11th of the month. If you order on the 11th, it will ship the next month on the 11th. Ex - If order placed on Jan 11, item will begin shipping on Feb 11.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
A Book and a Bonus
A Book and a Bonus is a monthly gift box for book lovers that want a wholesome read each month. Each subscription box includes one brand new inspirational fiction book, a magnetic bookmark, and a bonus gift item. If you enjoy reading and prefer a wholesome book, this is the subscription box for you!
  • Brand new inspirational fiction book each month
  • Magnetic bookmark included with each book
  • A bonus gift item that is sure to delight the reader



Q: I see there are Christian authors is there only Christian authors and if not is it possible to only get Christian authors?Asked by Hannah B., April 2020

All the of the books in this subscription are by Christian authors.

by Daphne J., April 2020


Q: Is there an example on what the bonus gift item can be?Asked by Silvia P., June 2019

Some of the bonus items are photographed. There are mini notepads, pins, bracelets, the love ornament/decoration, etc. Just a small item to go along with the book.

by Daphne J., June 2019

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3 reviews

Simply Wonderful

Apr 24, 2020
Krystle A.
2 Reviews
5 Pictures
Subscribed for 20 days

I love this box subscription. It is just wonderful.

Verified Purchase

A Book and a Bonus

Jan 06, 2021
Tim S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 30 days

It says I'm on my second shipment but have never received the first one of the six, so who knows if they'll ever be received. Can't review the product because it's never been received so at this point I'll have to give a one star. My suggestions is to STOP using the USPS to ship your product(s).

Verified Purchase
A Book and a Bonus said...Jan 06, 2021

I just reviewed the tracking information submitted with your shipping data and it says that the package is "In Transit". I knew the post office was delayed due to the holidays but I did not know they were that delayed. That is totally out of my control, I'm sorry. The item was shipped on 12/11/2020.

Not for me

Dec 29, 2020
Kristen D.
9 Reviews
9 Pictures
Subscribed for 15 days

I was pretty excited for this box. It's getting harder and harder to find good, clean books that I actually want to read, so I'm drawn to the boxes that are primarily focused on clean books.
But honestly, I wasn't thrilled with my box. The story looks good. I'll definitely read it. But I assumed I'd be getting a full size book, not the mass market size. You can pick up mass market books for $7 or less, so the $16 (including shipping) subscription is really not worth it. Plus, I just don't like them. I'm a book nerd. I admit it proudly. I like having my books displayed nicely on my shelves, and the little ones just get on my nerves. They don't fit well and they're kind of a pain to hold to read.
Maybe if the extra items had been really nice, I'd feel a little better about it, but I don't really care for emery boards and I have a gazillion book marks. They're cute and everything, but probably cost about $1 together. Which is fine, since I mainly subscribed for the book, but as mentioned, the book alone isn't worth the price.
I'm not understanding the $4 shipping either. The shipping cost was on my box. It was about $2.
I don't like leaving bad reviews and I might not have left this one, but when I contacted the seller, they ignored me completely. After waiting about a week to hear back, I canceled.

Verified Purchase
A Book and a Bonus said...Jan 06, 2021

I’m sorry you were not satisfied with the box. I’ve looked through all of my communications and was not able to locate anything from you or I would have responded. I’m not sure where the communications may have gone.
Regarding the price of the subscription boxes, most of the subscriptions are for 6 months which drops the unit box price down to $10 so I have to keep that figure in mind when putting boxes together. The shipping box itself costs $1.00, the items in the box typically total around $5.00 (book, bonus item, book mark), and the cost I had to pay to Cratejoy for your subscription was $2.66. Factoring in all of that, when the majority of the subscriptions are...

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