A Book and a Bonus

A Book and a Bonus - one brand new book, magnetic bookmark, and bonus gift each month!

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  • A Book and a Bonus will ship on the 4th of the month. Please order by the end of the prior month to get the current box.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
A Book and a Bonus
A Book and a Bonus is a monthly gift box for book lovers that want a wholesome read each month. Each subscription box includes one brand new inspirational fiction book, a magnetic bookmark, and a bonus gift item. If you enjoy reading and prefer a wholesome book, this is the subscription box for you!
  • Brand new inspirational fiction book each month
  • Magnetic bookmark included with each book
  • A bonus gift item that is sure to delight the reader



Q: I see there are Christian authors is there only Christian authors and if not is it possible to only get Christian authors?Asked by Hannah B., April 2020

All the of the books in this subscription are by Christian authors.

by Daphne J., April 2020


Q: Is there an example on what the bonus gift item can be?Asked by Silvia P., June 2019

Some of the bonus items are photographed. There are mini notepads, pins, bracelets, the love ornament/decoration, etc. Just a small item to go along with the book.

by Daphne J., June 2019

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