Introverts Retreat
A monthly subscription box for introverted women

$28.99+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.5 of 5 stars
So happy!
by Ciara written last year
I was very pleased with the contents of my first month, especially the book (haven't read it yet but the subject is right up my alley and it looks incredibly interesting and informative). I love that you get to choose the genre of the reading material, and the other items were so much fun and definitely geared towards introverts. I will definitely be purchasing again - thank you!
by Annie written last year
I am in love. This is my very first box from crate joy. I’m so impressed, can’t wait to receive my next box and to order my next subscription.
by Leslie written last year
I love the silk scarf!!! This box is delightful.
by Sheila written last year
Love my first box. Can't wait 4 my other boxes to arrive.
First box!
by Samantha written last year
I was really intrigued by the idea of an introverts retreat box so I gave it a go. It was pretty cool, I wasn't blown away but I don't have too much cause for complain. I wasn't impressed with the paint kit or the julep cup. I guess I was just hoping for some sort of edible treat/drinkable and a better craft kit. The butterflies were cute but the paint was just a card with small dots of dried paint you were to rehydrate. I gave it to my niece. On the other hand, the books look intetesting and the bath products were fantastic! Im going to order some of that facemask! I'm a fan now. Lol. 3.8/5. All in all, I liked the box but I probably won't order it again. For 40+ bucks I was expecting some sort of "wow" factor I didn't get. Keep up the good work! I might be back after I see the next few boxes.
by Tricia written last year
I love it! I received my first box today. Fun, cute items! A book, journal, awesome socks. I suggest you treat yourself.
Introvert Box
by Linda written last year
Absolutely loved everything in the box! Such a treat
by Kaitlyn written last year
My first box was wonderful. I loved the body scrub and appreciate that we were provided two rather large samples. Have not read my novel yet but I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with. Can not wait for my next box.
Loved It!
by Diane written last year
I just got my first box and I am so impressed. So many thoughtful items to enjoy. I can't wait to try the shower steamer and body scrub. Then I can read my new book and after listen to some relaxing music. Plus there was a wonderful bookmark and cute craft. A+++
Pretty good
by Jodi written last year
Liked everything. Looking forward to the next box
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