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Introverts Retreat Box Review

Nov 14, 2019
Marcee S.
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Excellent and fun box, both for introverts and those that are not :) I'm not really an introvert and I love this box.

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Okay items, false advertising - Deluxe

Jun 15, 2018
Mary P.
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The box is fun, however, the description is false. At the higher price point, the description says a hardcover book and 7-9 items total. In two boxes, I received two $5 paperbacks (according to online price) and only 6 total items in each - unless the last box the two single serve bags of tea could as two items I suppose. It's an okay box, I like but don't love the items, but considering the sub at that level indicates a book that would be $10+ more, I feel like the price should be lower.

I'd have been more happy if the Deluxe version was $33 or under. I don't feel like a few samples of tea, a paperback book and soap packets are worth the price.

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Introverts Retreat said...Apr 16, 2018

Dear Mary, The hardcover books for deluxe boxes will begin in May, however the fact that you only got 6 items when you ordered a deluxe box isn’t right. It is possible that something got mixed up in the shipping so I’m going to email you further so we can figure out what you did get so I can ship you the items that got missed. Our best, Shereen, Introverts Retreat


Jun 15, 2018
Jessica D.
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Sucked. I didn't like a single thing in the box.

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