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4.4 of 5 stars
by Kristen written Aug 30, 2018
This box is just amazing!! I was getting Wizarding Loot Crate but you could tell that they didn't care about the quality or the customers. These ladies really DO care and put the time and effort in to make every box great. I've never had an issue and the items are all unique and fun additions to my Potter collection.
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Amazing customer service
by Erica written Aug 18, 2018
Amazing customer service they message to tell me my box might be late and it wasnt even late anyway because they are never late which is another great thing. Everything is handmade and all thought out I just love it so much.
August 2018 Accio Box
by Beth written Aug 13, 2018
I received my first Accio Box yesterday and, all I can say is, I LOVE IT!!! The t-shirt was my favorite color and it was comfortable and adorable. I haven't tried the bath powder yet, but I am interested in seeing if it really does turn the water black. The pygmy puff pin was adorable! I love the sticker and have already put it on my water bottle. The cord keeper was really cute. In all, everything was great, and I can't wait to see next month's box.
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Just not digging it
by Marjie written Aug 11, 2018
I hate to go and leave a super negative review, when all of the service and logistical aspects of this box were good, etc etc, but I was very disappointed with my first box's contents. Most of the items were just not very pretty, and/or not my style. It didn't feel very Potter-ish to me at all. I think the only item I will use is the one bath related item, I will probably get rid of the rest.
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Almost Perfect
by Airrie written Jun 11, 2018
This is almost the perfect box for me. I love every month and look forward to its arrival. The reason its not perfect is I HATE the paper dolls, to me they are not worth the price or the space in the box. Every time I get a paper doll (every other month) it brings the value down for me and makes me wonder what other amazing HP gifts could be taking its place. I always looks forward to the T-shirts, these are great quality and every time I wear them I get great compliments. These come about every other month.
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Travel :-)
by Sandra written Jun 11, 2018
Accio Box gets better every month! The travel box is awesome!
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by Kathryn written May 19, 2018
This was just not the box for me. I tried it for 3 months. In 2 months, i got 2 bookmarks, 2 paper dolls, and 2 lapel pins. There seems to be one large item (a tshirt, hat, etc) and then everything else seems to be paper (paper dolls, bookmarks, a print, a sticker). While I appreciate everything being unique, i was hoping for items that were more useful. The items received, while the monetary selling price of each item is high, the value of the products is not high to me.
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by Amy written May 18, 2018
I bought the boxes for myself, and for the most part I love it. If I like something, I can order it again from the source . The only thing I don't like is that very few items don't appeal to me, or items that are not of good value. Overall, I've enjoyed the majority of the items I've received.
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by Sandra written May 12, 2018
May was my 3rd Accio! Box. I love it! I love that Accio uses independent artists. It's something new and unique every month. Accio also provides info on where to find the artists' shops, I love this. Getting one item I love always makes me wonder what else they have. The hat this month is a huge winner! I will wear it often!
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by Faith written Apr 27, 2018
I was super excited to get my first box only to be extremely disappointed was definitely not worth the price I didn’t like anything in the box wast of money
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Accio! said...
Apr 28, 2018
Hi, Faith. We are so sorry to hear that you did not care for the selections in this month's Accio! Box. As always, all of our items this month were either Accio! Box exclusives or were commissioned from artists who designed, illutrated, or created them by hand. When we value the items for our subscribers, we go by the artists' suggested retail prices and comparable fair market value for the Accio! exclusive items, which not only reflect the materials used but also the designers' investment of time, talent, and skill. We do hope you will be pleased with future selections. Feel free to reach out to us via email at if you have any other questions or concerns!-Christina Maki Linville, Accio CEO
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