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Awesome gift
by Sara written last month
I gave this box to my mom as a delayed Christmas gift. This month was divination themed which included a pin, a unique planner with the Gryffindor house words, tea and a poster. My mom who is a potter fan loved this box.
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by Ulla written 2 months ago
I got my first box today and i think the items were pretty nice. This months theme(quidditch) isn’t my favorite, so I wasn’t so excited about it, but this is just my personal taste. Looking forward to next month!
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LOVE this box!
by Natasha written 2 months ago
I've gotten 3 so far and they were all filled with totally unique stuff that I wouldn't have been able to get on Amazon or Etsy; they're really big on exclusive items that they design themselves. I especially love their holiday boxes! Halloween was a great one that a lot of friends were jealous of. I want to get one every month, there's always something else I have never seen before!
by Maggie written 2 months ago
I love getting this box every month, there are always cute HP things that I wouldn't expect!
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Love this box subscription!
by Mary written 3 months ago
I was on wait list a few months before I could join Accio box and I can say it was definitely worth the wait. Each box has a theme and the past kitchen box was my favorite. Even the dark arts box did not disappoint. Definitely a great box for the HP fan!
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Love love love
by Julia written 3 months ago
This box is adorable. Always filled with great HP stuff that makes my heart sing! Thank you :)
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by Susan written 4 months ago
This had a nice assortment of items around a central theme. Great job!
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Quality, Value, and Originality!
by Daniel written 5 months ago
I've been a subscriber since Accio opened its virtual "doors". I'm not even the Harry Potter fan(it's for my girlfriend) and even I think these boxes are consistently jam-packed with the coolest and most unique items I could never have possibly imagined. I read another review that was complaining about there being not enough items in the box, and I can't even comprehend that. Everything included is quality stuff, often handcrafted, always original, and absolutely certain to please you or the Harry Potter fanatic in your life. My girlfriend absolutely loves her box every month, and I find the price to be almost too good to be true for how much we get every month! Keep up the great work, Accio!
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First Box
by Shelby written 5 months ago
I was so excited to receive my first Accio box.. But the excitement soon faded once I received the box. I pay $39.99 a month for this box and received a cheap set of stickers, flask, patch and bath bomb. This was a bit of a let down! I did my research before subscribing for this very reason.. All the pictures online show such an amazing box with unique Harry Potter items but what I received was far from it. I am holding out for one more box in hopes that this was just an off box due to everything happening but if the next box is anything like this I will be cancelling!
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First time
by Chelsea written 5 months ago
I just received my first Accio box and was disappointed. I'm hoping the next 2 months I paid for are more fulfilling. This was a big letdown with just stickers, a patch, a flask and a bath bomb. Not worth $30
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