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Just not digging it

by Marjie V., Aug 11, 2018

I hate to go and leave a super negative review, when all of the service and logistical aspects of this box were good, etc etc, but I was very disappointed with my first box's contents. Most of the items were just not very pretty, and/or not my style. It didn't feel very Potter-ish to me at all. I think the only item I will use is the one bath related item, I will probably get rid of the rest.

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by Kathryn D., May 19, 2018

This was just not the box for me. I tried it for 3 months. In 2 months, i got 2 bookmarks, 2 paper dolls, and 2 lapel pins. There seems to be one large item (a tshirt, hat, etc) and then everything else seems to be paper (paper dolls, bookmarks, a print, a sticker). While I appreciate everything being unique, i was hoping for items that were more useful. The items received, while the monetary selling price of each item is high, the value of the products is not high to me.

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Loved these boxes!

by Joanna S., Mar 03, 2018

I am a Harry Potter fan and received a couple of months for a gift. I loved everything inside, but would like to be able to pick what not to include (ex: if you don’t want any scents sent, etc). Overall, I love the surprises- just don’t want to waste such quality items if I won’t use it!

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