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The firs subscription box for screenwriters, playwrights and cross-genre writers!

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What a wonderful find

Jun 22, 2019
Lori P.
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Love this box

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A Master's class in adaptation

Apr 25, 2019
Sarah S.
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Just recieved the April box and I can't tell you enough how much it exceeded my expectations. As a published author looking to learn about the adaptation process, Across the Page subscription book is worth every penny. I did add the optional package and am really happy with the bonus content. This particular book had the original novel, DVD of a sequel, screenplay of the sequel, and the musical script. There was also a gorgeous piece of wall art and hand made card. The bonus perks included the original screenplay adaptation and a related screenplay. When I saw this months theme was Mary Poppins, I literally started giggling. This is seriously a master's class in adaptation for anyone with half an interest. Definitely getting the next box!

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