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This box offers four curated secondhand and vintage pieces every month!
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Fast-Fashion Alternative That Is Affordable & Fun!

If you love a great thrift outfit that looks stylish, modern, and all your own, look no further than the Deluxe Thrift Box. A wonderful way to spruce up any wardrobe, the Deluxe Box will take you on an escape to style heaven every month in the form of two whole outfits ready to be worn! FREE SHIPPING - LIMITED-TIME OFFER!

  • Sustainable
  • Free Exchanges and Opportunity to Return
  • First Box Ships in 1 WEEK!
  • Outfit in a Box!
  • No Additional Costs = You Keep Everything or Send Back for Refund

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Sneak Peek

Photo of My Deluxe Box current box September Deluxe Box - Classic Chic

September Deluxe Box - Classic Chic

Add a little bit of trendiness to minimalism and you've basically got our Classic Chic style. We offer ten different styles for you to select twice from and even have the option for you to add links to any look you want to go for. This curated look carried a lot of texture and color, from the lavender romper to the vintage plaid blazer to the silky texture of the faux suede mini skirt and shiny silk blouse. Even the earrings sparkle with a hint of 60's style!

Order by September 21st to get this box!

Photo of My Deluxe Box current box September Deluxe Box - Minimalist

September Deluxe Box - Minimalist

Fall is for grounding and getting back to what makes you feel good! Hot lattes, cable-knit sweaters, and denim. Here is an example of one of our minimal style boxes. It came with a double-breasted vintage knit blazer, green dress, high-waisted pleated khaki shorts, and a blousy top to match. We'll usually send a wrap/jacket/accessory, dress, bottom, and top to match. We love a good transitional piece that will last years in your closet. Each Deluxe Box = 4 pieces.

Order by September 21st to get this box!

Photo of My Deluxe Box current box September Deluxe Box - E-Girl/Boy and Athleisure

September Deluxe Box - E-Girl/Boy and Athleisure

We love a good band t-shirt! So why not mix in drawstring pants, pleated skirt, and choker?! It's the perfect Netflix outfit, going to the grocery store outfit and just a plain living outfit. Throw on a quilted jacket and you're on a whole new level of comfort! We'll pop in an accessory with your outfit every now and again that's free, cause this monthly box includes four secondhand and vintage garments. Free shipping when you use FALL2021 at checkout!!!

Order by September 21st to get this box!

Customer Questions (4)


Q: Do you do these for men?Asked by Evan H., July 2019

A Curated Thrift answered...July 2019

Hi Evan,
Yes! We offer men's styling as well. Just select the picture that fits your
style the most and we'll follow up with additional questions and
suggestions so we can pinpoint your look. We also list men's sizing in our
survey. There is a recent review on our marketplace from a male client if
your curious.
Thank you for your interest!
Chief Curator


Q: Where do you get your items from?Asked by Mona F., August 2019

A Curated Thrift answered...August 2019

Hi Mona,
We're based in Clearwater, Florida so all of our secondhand clothing comes
from local thrift stores around the Clearwater/Tampa area. There are times
I travel to other cities like Miami and north Florida and I'm able to
thrift in these areas but that's only about twice a year. We plan to open
up other cities to thrift in the next year, but for right now it's mainly
concentrated in the Clearwater/Tampa area. Thank you for your interest!
Chief Curator


Q: Can the seller do plus size clothing?Asked by Emily C., May 2019

Yes. But, there were kinks in the products delivered. I asked for 2X or 3X for my mother. She got some items that were size 16 on the label. But, other items fit correctly.

by Raina W., June 2019

Hi Emily,
I'm sorry I tried to respond earlier but it did not display my post. Yes, we do plus size clothing up to 20W and 3XL. Thank you for your interest!

by Julia L., May 2019

Thanks, Raina for sharing your experience. We now make sure that everything we send is true to size up to a 3XL. We appreciate your feedback.

by Julia L., June 2019


Q: Is this the type of box where I pay to keep what I like and send the rest back or is it all mine to keep??Asked by Jae P., March 2021

A Curated Thrift answered...March 2021

Hi Jae,
This is the type where you get to keep everything! But what makes us different and a lot more economical is that you can also return any piece you don't want for free. We pop in a free return shipping label in every box that you can use if something doesn't fit or isn't your style. When we receive the piece we'll either issue you a $10 refund or pop in an extra piece in a future box. - Julia

Reviews (89)

I Repeat: An Ice-Cream Skirt!!!

Jan 21, 2020
Verified Purchase
Rachel R.
3 Reviews
3 Pictures
9 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I’ve tried a few personal stylists / subscription boxes before and been largely disappointed by the results. (For context, my style is colorful, eclectic and a little oddball.) Enter Julia, who stared deep into my soul and understood that I was a gal in need of a vintage ice cream skirt (and two vintage sweaters and a fabulous dress and a bedazzled Tory Burch jacket, all pictured). She NAILED IT, and I couldn’t be happier.
Re: customer service: During the ordering process, I screwed up my CrateJoy survey, so Julia didn’t receive my specs or Pinterest style board, resulting in my first box being expertly curated, but not for me. Once we figured out what happened, she was quick to resolve the matter – even though it was my fault, not hers – which was super awesome and appreciated. In sum: A happy customer who cannot recommend this service enough.

A good find, is hard to find.

Nov 28, 2019
Verified Purchase
Michele W.
9 Reviews
13 Pictures
38 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

This box brings something I’ve not seen with any other clothing subscription box yet, and that’s an option to get some vintage pieces from your favorite era! I love the idea of getting some 70’s style in my closet.
I just received my 1st box. It contained 2 tops, a pair of jeans and a dress. The items and colors are appropriate for the current season. My favorite item is the Lane Bryant jeans I received! They fit me really well and went great with the tops. The dress is very pretty, I love the little miniature rose pattern on it. I had one top that didn't fit me well and will be having to return it. The box even included a return shipping label which makes it really convenient if something does not work out.
I recommend on giving them a try. Snag a vintage piece you've been craving or get an outfit without the stress of trying to find something yourself. Plus, isn't it nice to have someone else pick out something especially for you?

Thrift punk

Mar 10, 2020
Verified Purchase
Cassandra G.
1 Review
2 Pictures
Subscribed for 10 months

I love my curated thrift box.
I wore the body suit, pants with suspenders, denim jacket and flower earrings. Love. My 18 old daughter loved it so much. It’s hers now. I love the black skinny jeans but, they are too large. I contacted support and received an email within one day. I returned them using the label that was included in my box.

Excited, then let down

Jan 31, 2021
Verified Purchase
Colleen M.
1 Review
2 Pictures
Subscribed for 21 days

I ordered this based off a YouTube video. I chose the "intellectual chic" and "classic casual" style. I did not like a single piece of clothing I received. Also, as shown in the pictures, the package showed up with the clothes busting out of the package like the package was a size too small.
I did not have a good experience with my personal box. However, Julie emailed me back very quickly and was extremely polite and easy to work with. I understand running a business is not easy, but she handled my complaint very well.

What a lovely surprise <3

Jan 08, 2021
Verified Purchase
Aia-ida F.
1 Review
1 Picture
Subscribed for 19 days

I was surprised when I got the box because there should have been 2 items but I got 3 items instead. I got a very nice card where they said I got an extra item. VERY KIND of them. THANK YOU :D
I loved the dress and shirt but the blazer was too big.
Everything else fitted perfectly.
There were very few defects on the clothes which impressed me. It is after all thrift clothes.
I can really recommend this subscription box <3

Best subscription ever!

Aug 19, 2020
Verified Purchase
Erika G.
1 Review
1 Picture
Subscribed for 11 months

Absolutely beautiful! I was nervous about this subscription box, because I was scared I would receive something that was not my style at all. When I got the package I sat down and I got the most beautiful blue silk maxi dress! This business put so much effort into curating my order, and they packaged it so nicely with a nice note in it. Very impressed, thank you!

Pastel Goth/Boho Gal <3's her curathrift

Dec 07, 2020
Verified Purchase
Alyssa B.
1 Review
1 Picture
Subscribed for 8 months

My most recent box was AMAZING. A vintage coach purse and a mix of pastel goth and boho rocker chic! This entire outfit (besides my headwear) is all from my box. I got a Kodak reverse tiedye shirts, an adorbs crop plaid jacket, and some super well tailored cords. A Curated Thrift does an amazing job and they are super easy to customize with and communicate with . Create a pinterest board of your style and they know what's up. Two thumbs up!


Mar 03, 2021
Verified Purchase
Signe A.
2 Reviews
1 Picture
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 5 months

Just received my 70’rocker boho deluxe box. And got 4 cool pieces this top, a west a long shirt and some pants. I will absolutely get this box every month. And maybe try different types of style. Cause I don’t have one I I love I can figure it out with a little help

This is the best clothes subscription

Apr 02, 2019
Verified Purchase
Zara K.
1 Review
8 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 years

I have tried 4 other clothes subscription boxes and I have been let down by each one. Julia such a personal approach - she looked through my Pinterest to understand what I really want and she has the talent and intuition to build off it.
I got a beautiful designer shirt in mint condition, and it was so beautiful I yelled out in delight. I also received a beautiful soft leather jumper that is extremely chic and actually I've always meant to buy for myself but could never find one that I liked.
I almost don't want to tell anyone about this service because it's such a gem, but I need A Curated Thrift to thrive so I can continue to rely on it. Subscribe! You will love it.

Great for this picky shopper

May 20, 2019
Verified Purchase
April M.
1 Review
8 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 years

Julia is so thoughtful in her picks for me. I'm not an easy person to please when it comes to clothes, and she understands that and still manages to find me things that take me just enough out of my comfort zone where I feel like I've upgraded, but not in an over-the-top way. Plus, for environmental reasons, I'm thrilled to get quality used clothing without having to rummage through a thrift shop! And even better, I know how much it will cost every month.

Photos from reviews of My Deluxe Box

Past boxes from My Deluxe Box

August Deluxe Box - Boho and Cottagecore

August Deluxe Box - Boho and Cottagecore

Pretty in pink! Or purple or whatever is your favorite color. This is an example of one of our Deluxe Boxes that recently went out to a client that selected Boho and Cottagecore as their style choices. We curated a beautiful pink, patchwork skirt, button-down silk dress, a creamy knit top, and a 90s graphic t-shirt. Because who doesn't enjoy a vintage tee?! We love to mix romantic and whimsical for cottagecore looks. Cottagcore is a summer exclusive style so get it now.

August Deluxe Box - Indie Grunge and Minimal

August Deluxe Box - Indie Grunge and Minimal

Our August Deluxe Boxes have the best fall transitional pieces for your everyday style! This one, for example, is a box for a client that chose both Indie Grunge and Minimal as their style picks. You can get as detailed or vague about your look as you'd like. We paired a fun polka dot floral skirt from the 90s, a lacy crop top from the early 00s, and fun 90s black pleated shorts! Perfect for a pair of combat boots and a statement jacket. Yummy vintage goodness.

July Deluxe Box - Streetwear

July Deluxe Box - Streetwear

Did we mention that we offer outfits choices to most genders? We're the first clothing subscription box to do this! This is important. Here is an example of an outfit we put together for one of our clients who is a trans woman. It's our Streetwear style if you're curious. We offer Gender Neutral, Non-Binary, Men and Women options when you take our style survey. Who wouldn't want vaporwave kicks, a beautiful blazer, and a vintage printed blouse?!

July Deluxe Box - 70's Rocker

July Deluxe Box - 70's Rocker

Everyone has an inner rockstar inside. This specific Deluxe Box will allow you to explore that in a retro way with vintage 70's pieces and three other modern secondhand pieces in one box! We paired a vintage velvet blazer with a boho floral blouse and a fun rocker dress for one of our clients. We of course tailor to all kinds of 70's rocker looks. For more inspiration pictures take our style survey!

July Deluxe Box - Indie / Grunge

July Deluxe Box - Indie / Grunge

Every month you'll receive an entire outfit you can mix and match. This is an example of our Deluxe Box Indie/Grunge style coupled with the Minimal style. (You can pick up to two different styles) This box has a Y2K maxi skirt, printed bodysuit, minimal mock collar t-shirt, white-wash jeans, and combat boots. For anyone that likes a certain edge but appreciates a neutral pallette should choose Indie/Grunge and Minimal for their styles when signing up!

June Deluxe Box - Cottagecore

June Deluxe Box - Cottagecore

Florals, ruffles, corsets, pleated pants, and victorian collars! This one has a 90s twist but you can choose any vintage era or go all modern. It's your choice for the perfect summer collection.

June Deluxe Box - Indie / Grunge

June Deluxe Box - Indie / Grunge

Distressed flannels, band tees, ripped jeans, micro-florals, 90s grime, and baggy looks. This style is our grunge style complete with any era, 70s - Y2K.

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