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by A Curated Thrift
Get an outfit treat with this 4-piece mini-capsule box! Each box will include secondhand and VTG!
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How is this vintage?

Dec 28, 2018
Paula B.
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Subscribed for 2 months

I am so disappointed...gave this subscription box to my daughter for Christmas and the first item arrived today.
A hot pink 80's sweatshirt that even I wouldn't have worn- in the 80's. We requested hippy/vintage and this is not it. Please fix this...she is so disappointed, as am I.

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A Curated Thrift said...Dec 28, 2018

I'm sorry your daughter didn't like her first box. I included instructions in the box to email me if you're dissapointed with your box and I would refund you. The sweatshirt was from the 90s and in mint condition. I'm sorry it was not your daughters style. I was going by recent street style represented by bloggers who wear hippy vintage. Simply use the return label included in the box and we'll issue you a full refund.

Jan 05, 2019
Ellen H.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

The idea is great and it sounds really nice. Unfortunately the pieces sent were extremely old fashioned and not really vintage or good 2nd hand pieces

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A Curated Thrift said...Jan 07, 2019

Hi Ellen,

I'm sorry you didn't like the selected pieces that you received in your box. I've made sure that all items are in good condition and do not have blemishes. If you found a blemish please let me know and I'll refund you completely for that item (since you're international you do not have to return the piece). As for the style of the garments - we are coming out with a new questionnaire at the end of the month that will include more detailed questions on vintage pieces so that a customer knows more about what they will receive (making sure that they like the era they receive). Thank you for giving us a try though! Again, I'm sorry it did not work out...


Mar 26, 2019
Raina W.
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Subscribed for 2 months

I purchased this as a gift for my mother. First of all, purchasing as a gift is hard. The emails all come to the purchaser instead of the receiver. I believe once the gift is purchased, an email should go to the gift receiver to manage their own gift. Isn't that why I provided the recipient's email? I did contact customer service at the beginning to find out if plus sizes were carried and they were very accommodating for that. So, my mother received her first gift. She likes it. But, I thought it was a very drab sweater. When she washed it, it shrank and became unwearable. Apparently, it had no cleaning instructions and it needed to be hand washed or line dried? The 2nd package she did not like the style, so she returned. The 3rd package came with 2 items, I guess to replace the 2nd but they were completely the wrong size. She wears 3X, 26. Theses were 1X or 18-20. There has been no communication other than the note my mother put in the return package. Very disappointed. I really wanted this subscription to work out. But, we are just not impressed. The ability to choose your celebrity or style portion is new. However, I personally cannot pick from the choices.

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A Curated Thrift said...Mar 26, 2019

Hi Raina,

I'm so sorry you felt this way about your mom's gift, this is the first time I've heard from you or I would have compensated you right away. I did contact you via email on February 25th at 1:20pm about your mother's return but I didn't hear anything back so I did send an extra piece for an exchange. As for the sweater shrinking, I would advise on secondhand clothing, especially 100% merino wool to not dry on high heat. The Ralph Lauren sweater was very chic so I'm sorry you didn't like it. As for the other two items, I did not know they were of a smaller size, I was under the impression they were loose and marked 3xl. I will take...

very disappointed

Mar 30, 2020
Lyndia B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 months

I have continually tell the stylist what not to and what to put it my package. They just seem to not lesson.

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A Curated Thrift said...Mar 30, 2020

Hi Lyndia,
I'm truly sorry you were disappointed with your boxes. You gave neutral feedback on your first box and told me the colors you didn't want me to include in your box which I thought I made sure not to include in your second box. You also let me know you were petite and so I selected styles based on your body type. I'm not sure where we got it so wrong so please let me know right away and we will change this immediately. We want to make things right as this rarely happens. We definitely appreciate your feedback even though it is negative. Please feel free to return any pieces that didn't work out using the free return shipping label included in the...