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Get an outfit treat with your very own mini-capsule box. Great quality secondhand and vintage!
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Apr 08, 2019
Holly G.
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I received one box with 2 pieces, and I hated both of them. They sent what I think is supposed to be a dress or maybe a swimsuit cover, and I assume someone saw it and thought it was appropriate because I said that I like the "boho" look? It was gigantic and oddly shaped, and I wasn't really even sure how to wear it. The other piece was a sweater of sorts and it had some style to it; maybe it would look better on a shorter or smaller busted woman. Seemed like a hassle to return everything to eventually receive $20 at most. I just donated them to a local thrift store.

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A Curated Thrift said...Apr 08, 2019

Hi Holly,

First off, thank you for trying us out, we really appreciate it. I'm so sorry you didn't like what you received. We analyzed your Pinterest boards and based the choices off of the style you picked as well as your fit preference. Usually, as you stated, we refund $10 for each item when you return the box using the free return shipping label.

However, we could have definitely made an exception for you and refunded you the full amount of the box if you would have emailed us letting us know how dissatisfied you were. Thank you for donating the items. If you ever want to try us again, email and we'll give you a free month.

Julia Meadows

Strange Smells, Items Don't Fit Theme

May 03, 2021
Kimberly P.
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I've received two packages so far and have only kept four items total. The items in the first package had a strange food and incense smell which was difficult to get out in the wash. Although I did bring up the smell to the seller via email, the items in the second package ended up smelling of stale cigarette smoke for some reason.
Smells aside, I find that most of the pieces tend to miss the mark in terms of the theme. I chose the 70s rocker and 70s sophisticate styles for my boxes, but somehow wound up with pieces that were very 2010s. For example, I received a Harley Quinn T-shirt that was quite obviously from the past few years and therefore laughably anachronistic.
I really wanted this to be something I'd look forward to each month, but sadly it doesn't seem worth the $70 per month.

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A Curated Thrift said...May 04, 2021

Hi Kimberly,
Thank you so much for your feedback. We're terribly sorry that you received pieces that smelled. We made sure to wash each piece but I guess some smells did not get out. We'd love to refund you for anything you don't want. Just simply use the free return shipping label located in the box and once we receive it we'll issue you a full refund.
As for the styles, we're sorry about that as well. We do strive to pop in at least two pieces that are from the actual '70s, sometimes we're only able to pop in one piece. The box is meant to be 70's inspired. Some 70's pieces can run up to $50 apiece retail. We'll definitely change this though in the...