A Genie's Dream
Monthly tube of gifts & spiritual items for young women to comfort their mystical souls.

Plans as low as $25.00 $20.00 / month

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4.6 of 5 stars
I Love this Tub
by Diana written today
I have been waiting forever to free up some money for this subscription and I am so glad I did. I just got my first tub and I love it. So many cute things! I can't wait for the next one, defiantly worth it!
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by Tiffany written Oct 24, 2018
Super adorable. Came with everything for that time of month. Pads, tampons, Candy, healing stones, bath bombs and more! I will order more and highly recommend
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by Dana written Jul 22, 2018
Adorable, made for young teens. Lots of things!
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by Samantha written Apr 07, 2018
This is seriously the best period subscription box I have ever received! I loved the make up and chocolate and also love that it comes with organic tampons and pads!
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Love, love, love!!
by Kenzie written Mar 02, 2018
I seriously love my raw goddess tube!! It comes with some of cutest/best things! I look forward to getting it every month. The owner, Alli, is so great and such a sweet soul and has such a great customer service. 10/10 recommend getting a subscription with A Genies Dream!
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Best Monthly Female Box
by Lindsay written Nov 20, 2017
Loved everything! Everything. Truffles, tampons, makeup brushes, stickers, little clutch, so on. Best one and ship precisely when they state which means the most.
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Happy Daughter
by Eva written Nov 16, 2017
Ordered this fabulous box for my daughter living out of State. She has received 3 tubes so far and loves them. The tubes are fun and creative and makes her time of the month more bearable. Also ordered a tube for a friends daughter, it made her day. Thank you! I highly recommend this subscription
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by Cassy written Nov 16, 2017
I love this subscription tube! I've tried other pms subscriptions and they didn't even send tampons or pads! A genies dream sends me pads,liners tampons and even wipes. And of course all the cute goodies as well. I follow them on Instagram and they always personally message me to ask how I liked my tube they're incredible!!
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Love it!
by MeganGutierrez written Nov 16, 2017
I’m going to have to disagree with the comment about dollar store items everything I received was of great quality my organic tampons and even the make up brushes and body oils I received are of great quality the brushes are so soft and blend my makeup very well the oils smell great the other gifts i absolutely loved everything I hoped for and more I’m excited to see next months tube
Treat yourself!
by Kelsie written Nov 16, 2017
I loved getting my tube! I dread that time of the month when aunt flow visits, getting this tube is a great gift for myself during these hard couple of days! I would highly recommend the lady tube for younger ladies just starting out on this journey, the raw goddess tube is beautiful and I love all the raw organically in it!
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