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May 15, 2022
Crystal G.
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My biggest issue with the box was not knowing what kind of specific air plant was actually received besides it saying “assorted white air plant” or “assorted green air plant” and “assorted air plant clump.” Makes it feel less like a curated box and more of a careless leftovers box. I had the impression from some buyer reviews and pictures that were labeled specifically for the plants that it was always as such. My mistake there for assuming and I could now just buy specifically from a site knowing I do want to know specifics, just wanted a curated but labeled surprise. The plants themselves look healthy and I appreciated the care card.

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Air Plant Hub said...May 17, 2022

Hi Crystal,
Thank you for your feedback. Previous boxes did have the specific plants labeled, but the May box had a random selection that wasn't standardized across all boxes. We took your feedback into consideration and are going to put a physical tag on each plant in our boxes from here on out. Thank you for your honest feedback and I appreciate you taking the time to review us!
Air Plants Monthly

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