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4.7 of 5 stars
Great Quality
by Cynthia written 3 months ago
I really love their Shaving Butter it smells amazing and very hydrating! Great quality razors for a great price in such a cute packaging.
by Lindsay written 4 months ago
I really love this. It's so girly and fun and the owner is really nice. They have awesome customer service, good prices, and great products!! :)
Extremely smooth!
by Krystal written 4 months ago
I just received my first box yesterday and had to try it out right away. The whipped butter smells absolutely wonderful! It definitely made the shave go almost perfect! However, I did have a little trouble around the knees trying to pivot the 5 blade shaver. I ended up cutting myself a few times. Nothing horrible but sort of frustrating. The coconut shimmer butter also smelled amazing! It helped my legs feel super soft! I am not a fan of the "shimmer" part, but it's fairly subtle. Lastly, I used the blackberry mask this morning. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Super hydrating! The panda face was adorable! Yes, I did scare my kids with it. It was hilarious!
It's just OK
by Ashley written 4 months ago
I don't think there's really anything spectacular about this razor. I bought the 5 blade razor and I haven't cut myself shaving my legs since I was a teen and no matter how slow, or light I press when shaving, it cuts my legs up. Otherwise it's alright I guess. A little disappointed though to say the least.
Former dollar shave club user
by Amber written 7 months ago
I love these razors, such a smooth shave. The shave butter is heavenly, if filthy mermaid were a soap I'd spend all my money.
by Rosanna written 7 months ago
Too expensive and bad razor burn.
Mermaids Rejoice!!!
by Kayla written 7 months ago
To provide some background info: I am 22 and I have very sensitive skin. I ordered the Flirty mermaid shave butter & the 5 blade razor. I have always used men's razors due to their efficiency in getting a nice close shave - however a trip to the ER in Oct. made me want to swear off the entire shaving bit. I went out on a limb and ordered these lovely ladies and OMG!!! Not only does the shave butter smell delicious and go on like a dream my post shave legs felt like silk. I have never gotten such a close shave and my sensitive skin was happy and not all bumpy and itchy afterwords! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Good Service, Bad Razors
by Haley written 7 months ago
The shipment arrived very quickly. I found the razors to be sub par and the handle that they attach to very slippery. I shave in the shower and they last thing I want is for my razor to be slipping around in my hand. I will be canceling my subscription.
by Jessica written 8 months ago
I love, love, love my subscription to All Girl Shave Club! The razors work SO well, I love that they are such high quality. I'll never go back to any other brands again! And the shave butter! Oh my gosh - you just have to try it to understand the heaven that is the shave butter!! Keep those pretty packages coming All Girl Shave Club!
Great service and product!
by Alison written 8 months ago
I always forget to change my razor head and I thought this would be helpful. The service had great reviews and you can't beat the price! My order came in the mail extremely fast. The packaging was great and I have been enjoying the products I received! The only thing I wish they would improve would be the size of the shave cream. It is only going to last me for about a month and a half or so when I was hoping it would be a larger size. Other than that, I would recommend AGSC to any girl!