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Dec 02, 2019
Shanda M.
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I have been just trying out a lot of subscription boxes lately. I am trying to settle on my favorite 5 boxes. The whole sha bang box is definitely not one favorite 5 It’s not a bad box by any means. The items Will be used and are familiar name brands. The box price is to high for the things I received. I feel like I could have purchased the same things for half the price. The most disappointing part is I don’t receive any welcome note or any paper/note describing the items, the value, or how to use them. Every box I have ever received had a welcome letter or some form of note saying something this was just a box full (9items) of stuff I could have gotten cheaper. No theme, no organization of any kind. I’m looking for boxes with good value and a friendly welcoming feel. I just didn’t feel it with the whole sha bang box. At least I’ll use the $30 items I did get For $52. Overall I’d say try this box out you may like it more than I did. Not a bad box just not for me.

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