Hairstylist Club Box

Hairstylist Club Box

by Hairstylist Club Box
A monthly subscription box for hairstylists. Every box contains unique & custom hairdresser items.

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$41.66/ month

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Hoping it gets better again...

Feb 03, 2021
Maggie K.
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Subscribed for 2 years

It’s hard to review. In the beginning I LOVED getting these boxes every month. Told everyone I work with. It’s was awesome! But the longer I stay subscribed, the worse the boxes get. I kind of feel like now that there’s shear club and shirt club and all these other options, the original HCB is just an after thought. Its the same filler items with one or two new things. The products I feel are no longer justifying the price. I keep trying and holding on each month hoping it will get better again, but if it doesn’t start soon I’m going to cancel. Honestly, how many blending brushes does one person need.

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