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CHOMP! Box Monthly

This is a great box for heavy chewers of all breeds and sizes!

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$18.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • We try to make everything behind a Chomp box subscription as simple as possible, so we bill all subscriber accounts on the 15th of the month and ship all active Chomp box subscriptions the first week of each month. So order by the 15th to get next months box. Every single month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Tough toys and healthy treats!
Each month you will get one super-durable dog toy and a bag of treats that any K-9 companion can really CHOMP on! We only want to give you the toughest toys that can stand up to each CHOMP from your pup. When you have a healthy dog you have a happy dog, and that is why we search for unique and healthy treats. Enter the code FIR50 and get 10% off
  • Tough dog toys
  • Small batch treats
  • Order by the 15th to get next months box
  • Dogs LOVE it!
Subscriber Reviews
4.5 of 5 stars
by L written 9 days ago
Great quality toys! zeke loves it!
Hit and miss
by Stacey written last month
The quality of the toys and most of the treats in the boxes are great. I did have a problem with my box from last month where the treats broke open in the box and were all over when it was delivered. Since this is for my service dog, I threw the opened treats out. We just got this months box this morning and once again she loves the toy. The treat however I will not be giving to her. It is a cows tail and I was not sure if it was like rawhide, which I do not feed, so I looked it up along with several reviews. Several were good but there were also a lot that gave me pause because there were reviews such as pieces of very hard bone breaking off and the dogs needing surgery to get the bones out. I might give it another try but unfortunately my service dog is only getting the toy this month and last month.
Verified Purchase
Finally a box for chewers
by Stacey written 4 months ago
I had been searching all over for a box for the chewer dogs out there and CHOMP! lived up to the name. We just got our box this morning and Ember LOVES the toy and the treats. I can usually tell within an hour if she is going to destroy a toy, sometimes within minutes, but this toy has been chewed on all day and she has not made a mark in it, with her being part husky and having the husky jaw strength this is a feat. The value was worth it. I looked up the cost of the treats and toys if I had bought them on my own, which I wouldn't have since I don't know the brands, and they did cost more than the subscription cost of the box even with tax. This box is a keeper for Ember.
Verified Purchase
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