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America's Box LLC

This Box supports the Hard Working American Worker, so they can support their Families!

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$29.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • When the order is placed we will ship that day or the next. Each month after your box will ship on it's sign up anniversary date. So if you sign up on the 10th, then your box will ship on the 10th each month after.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
America's Box - Made in the USA
America's Box is a subscription-based service that delivers 100% American made products which supports the Hard Working American Worker (even the Box and packaging we use are 100% USA Made). For just $29.99 or $49.99, your America's Box includes only the finest merchandise, crafted by the backbone of America
  • Made in America
  • Made in USA
  • Made by your Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Handmade
  • The Dude Box

Subscriber Reviews

Last Box was weird....:(

by DENISE, Aug 14, 2018

So I got the last box as America's Box LLC rethinks its box strategy (probably a good idea). Upto now I was pleased with the products and the value because things were Made in the USA. This last box however was awful - did not live up to the value and the products were not even identifiable other than the mug and the shower ball thing. I got an item that looks like it was made in China, has no name on it, isnt even identifiable as to what it is for (we have had people guessing its an ashtray, a marble business card holder or something for holding a spoon at the cooker) its so heavy but so useless and does not look USA made or have any identifiable markers - there were 3 things in the box - a mug, a marble weight thingy we dont know what is and a shower bomb soap thing - i appreciate this was the last box but i had high expectations that you'd send us a simply AWESOME box to make us come back when you restrat - not sure I will want to now - this felt like someone went to a TKMAXX and bought some cheap stuff to stick in a box as the last one. Sadly disappointed and left a poor taste for me and makes me rethink coming back again - glad now I did cancel at the end of the current campaign - sad as I had sent emails complimenting everyone for supporting USA products... F- this time..

Verified Purchase

No, no, no

by Sheryl, Aug 11, 2018

PS: I have to add to the review I just left below. Going back over the pics, my box was plain brown with the words America's Crate. The was all, not the cute box shown in the photo. I hope this company steps up its game, as it is just taking people's money, not giving what the cost is worth.

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Depressingly disappointed

by Sheryl, Aug 11, 2018

What? A $100.00 value the photo says? See the photo attached (if it will allow me to post it) of the sad little box I just received today. So upset and disappointed I had to post my review immediately. I got a tiny box filled with paper and a little bit of red, white and blue paper shredding on top. Then, I got this huge sheet of paper with print to fill up the remainder of the box. I got three items that I would never buy and they are definitely not worth the cost of the subscription, $29.99. They are that huge paper with print of a few noted dates in history, yawn, a 2 ounce bottle of a mist spray and nowhere on the bottle does it mention where it is made, could be China for all I know, some thin bill holder and a keychain . Shocked. This was my first box, so I am going to give this company a second chance with one more month before I decide if I want to cancel my subscription. Being this was my first box I will still give the company a positive feedback, but I am so depressed over this. I wish I could have left the photo, it won't let me.

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