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Giving it away.

Sep 16, 2019
Lauren D.
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I want very much to love this box, but there was nothing in my first mailing that I can use, except for the tea (of which I already have a huge cabinet-full). The necklace, although a good idea, wasn't well made. I don't need another make-up bag, God knows.

My preference would be for useable items, by which I mean, foodstuffs or candles or anything that won't contribute to the clutter.

I'm giving away the items I received. I'll try another month or two, because I believe in the cause, but hope for better.

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Not what I expected

Sep 28, 2018
Cyndi H.
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After looking at pictures of previous boxes, I was excited to receive my first box. It was a great disappointment. The trivet was cracked and warped, the towel was just a printed towel with words you could buy a Home Goods. The passport cover was fine, but it will not fit over my passport. I will try one more box and if it is not significantly better, I will cancel my subscription.

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Subscription Box said...Oct 01, 2018

Hi Cyndi! So sorry to hear your trivet arrived cracked and warped! We would love to send you a new one to take care of that.
The towel is handmade by girls that have been rescued from sex trafficking. Its purchase provides employment, housing and after-care for these sweet young women, that’s what makes us love it so much.
We would love to send you a gift or another cover to replace the passport cover that isn’t fitting right. We will be in touch shortly!

Haven't received my box

Jun 19, 2017
Georgia T.
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Hello, I have not received my box yet I'll wait until tomorrow to contact you possibly Wednesday I just moved so maybe there was a mixup with the post office. But I went to my post office and it wasn't there either nor at my new address. Thank you in advance.

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