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No one is answering my emails
by Patricia written May 08, 2018
I specifically emailed the company before I even made the purchase to tell them that i like q specific type or YA books, fantasy/scifi, but no one ever responded. The books did get here in a timely manner but I also did not like that they put a permanent marker spot on the pages on the bottom of the book, by guess is to know which books are for the boxes and this is a bookstore. Anyway, I dont like Mark's on my books not do I like folded corners on several of the pages which I also recieved in my soft back book. But most important is that they didnt even try to accommodate the readers style or read my emails. I even emailed them again yesterday to see it they could rectify the situation or at least assure that it wouldn't happen again, but they never responded again. I am 29 years old and not interested in a book about some new psychedelic drugs that high schoolers are taking and manufacturing, not am I interested in some book about teenage drama, love, revenge, or any of that. Both of my books where books I hate. I think I am going to have to cancel my subscription if no one reaches out to me soon, which really sucks because I really do love to read and haven't had the chance to since my daughter was born over 2 years ago.
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What's Going on??
by Jessica written Mar 02, 2018
So I'm in the mood to try something new and i only want to keep on subscription service open at a time. So I order the new and try to cancel the old. But their main website won't accept my login information and I can't reset the password cause it tells me that it's an expired key. I try to do it through cratejoy and it's telling me I'm not subscribed to it... But it's still billing me... And there's no form of contact on the seller end so I have to try to do it through cratejoy which their only way is to email them... I love this service and I've loved past services... But what is going on?? I'd rather not have to try and refute the payments.
and the Story Begins said...
Mar 09, 2018
Hi Jessica, We are very sorry to hear you had trouble logging into your account to cancel your subscription before it renewed. Since you would prefer to cancel, and were charged for March, we will refund your account and you will not be sent a book box. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please contact us directly at We’re glad you enjoyed the books you received and hope to see you back soon!
by Jessica written Feb 17, 2018
I received my first box this afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is wonderful - I love that the entrie package is recyclable materials!! In my box, I received one hardback book and one paperback book . Both books had decent ratings on GoodReads and fit into the mystery/thriller category. My only complaint about my box, and the reason for not giving a full 5-star rating, was that one of the books that I received was the sequel to a previous book. I worry that information provided in the first book will have been crucial to understanding this one. I also think that a good addition to these boxes would be a bookmark of some kind in each subscriber's first box. Overall, I'm pleased with my first box, with the exception of receiving a book that I may not understand, fully, because I have not read the first.
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and the Story Begins said...
Feb 19, 2018
Hi Jessica! We are happy to know you are excited about the books you received and appreciate our environmentally friendly packaging! Regarding “Bred To Kill”, we wanted to let you know that while some online boards consider this novel a “sequel” it is not as part of a continuation of the preceding book. Much like Dan Brown’s novels, author Franck Sharko uses the same characters in each of his novels, but the stories are completely independent of one another. Each of his books are about different mysterious cases, none of which requiring information from previous novels to understand. “Syndrome E.”, the preceding novel, focuses on the relationship between the main characters and some conspiracy theories, while the crime story in “Bred To Kill” has been enjoyed much more by readers. If you really enjoy “Bred To Kill”, and would like to request a preceding novel by Sharko, please contact us directly and we will do everything we can to provide you with a special gift. Enjoy!
by Nicolle written Feb 13, 2018
Ordered the Sci-fi/fantasy box and was really excited to receive my order. But I got a book that was third in a series which seemed like it was picked at random. The other boook seems a lot better in quality I'm just confused why Id want to receive a hardcover in a series I haven't ever read?? Also both books are fantasy and I was expecting one Sci-fi one fantasy book. I prefer Sci-fi. Idk, not really sure about this one.
by Diana written Jan 10, 2018
Both books I received last month were great! I am waiting for this month!!!!
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great books
by Allison written Jan 09, 2018
i love the different books u get and they are different from other book clubs!
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by Amy written Dec 21, 2017
I always enjoy getting new books and it's even better when they come in the mail and the genre that I like the most!! Can't wait to read the two I got plus I adore the little bookmark!
Highly recommend
by Melissa written Dec 17, 2017
I just received my first box, and I was impressed with how quickly it came and how nicely packaged it was. Especially the eco-friendly box/paper. Very intriguing choices on the books, they are right up my alley. This service is great for people like me who love to read but suck at keeping up with good new authors/books. This will probably be a gift for a few of my avid reader friends/family for Christmas and birthdays.
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great box
by Julius written Dec 17, 2017
received the box today and absolutely love the two books included. both have close to 4 rating on goodreads and are right up the alley of the types of books i read
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First box
by Devin written Dec 15, 2017
I was very excited for this box since the reviews were pretty good. I recieved my box and both of the book are rated under 3.5 stars on goodreads. Only one of them sounds interesting, plus they were purchased from an overstock company. Over all I wouldn’t recommend this subscription. I won’t be keeping it.
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