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4.6 of 5 stars
by Jessica written 2 days ago
I received my first box this afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is wonderful - I love that the entrie package is recyclable materials!! In my box, I received one hardback book and one paperback book . Both books had decent ratings on GoodReads and fit into the mystery/thriller category. My only complaint about my box, and the reason for not giving a full 5-star rating, was that one of the books that I received was the sequel to a previous book. I worry that information provided in the first book will have been crucial to understanding this one. I also think that a good addition to these boxes would be a bookmark of some kind in each subscriber's first box. Overall, I'm pleased with my first box, with the exception of receiving a book that I may not understand, fully, because I have not read the first.
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and the Story Begins said...
Hi Jessica! We are happy to know you are excited about the books you received and appreciate our environmentally friendly packaging! Regarding “Bred To Kill”, we wanted to let you know that while some online boards consider this novel a “sequel” it is not as part of a continuation of the preceding book. Much like Dan Brown’s novels, author Franck Sharko uses the same characters in each of his novels, but the stories are completely independent of one another. Each of his books are about different mysterious cases, none of which requiring information from previous novels to understand. “Syndrome E.”, the preceding novel, focuses on the relationship between the main characters and some conspiracy theories, while the crime story in “Bred To Kill” has been enjoyed much more by readers. If you really enjoy “Bred To Kill”, and would like to request a preceding novel by Sharko, please contact us directly and we will do everything we can to provide you with a special gift. Enjoy!
by Nicolle written 6 days ago
Ordered the Sci-fi/fantasy box and was really excited to receive my order. But I got a book that was third in a series which seemed like it was picked at random. The other boook seems a lot better in quality I'm just confused why Id want to receive a hardcover in a series I haven't ever read?? Also both books are fantasy and I was expecting one Sci-fi one fantasy book. I prefer Sci-fi. Idk, not really sure about this one.
by Diana written last month
Both books I received last month were great! I am waiting for this month!!!!
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great books
by Allison written last month
i love the different books u get and they are different from other book clubs!
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by Amy written 2 months ago
I always enjoy getting new books and it's even better when they come in the mail and the genre that I like the most!! Can't wait to read the two I got plus I adore the little bookmark!
Highly recommend
by Melissa written 2 months ago
I just received my first box, and I was impressed with how quickly it came and how nicely packaged it was. Especially the eco-friendly box/paper. Very intriguing choices on the books, they are right up my alley. This service is great for people like me who love to read but suck at keeping up with good new authors/books. This will probably be a gift for a few of my avid reader friends/family for Christmas and birthdays.
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great box
by Julius written 2 months ago
received the box today and absolutely love the two books included. both have close to 4 rating on goodreads and are right up the alley of the types of books i read
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First box
by Devin written 2 months ago
I was very excited for this box since the reviews were pretty good. I recieved my box and both of the book are rated under 3.5 stars on goodreads. Only one of them sounds interesting, plus they were purchased from an overstock company. Over all I wouldn’t recommend this subscription. I won’t be keeping it.
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Loved the books
by Julius written 2 months ago
Loved this month's books! They were both very interesting and right around my alley of what I usually read. The packaging was very thoughtful as they were individually wrapped with gift paper and twin. Will definitely be subscribing for next month's box!
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First box!
by Myda written 2 months ago
I received my first box today. The books are OKAY. From the synopsis I would only be interested in one out of two books. One is more a histrorocal fantasy and I’m not really into those, so that’s not really the books fault. As for the books, they are older books, one published in 2013 and one in 2014. They have low to medium reviews on Goodreads, a 2.98 and a 3.5. Sadly the one I was interested in is the lower rated book. The books are purchased from an overstock company because they have the black dot/stripe in sharpie on the bottom/top pages of the books. On Amazon, each book is priced around $5 with free shipping for a good used book. As for the packaging, the packaging is nice and thoughtful. I love the individually wrapped books, but I dislike the shredded papper inside. I have pets so they were super interested in the box and the little bits inside. All in all, it’s a decent box if you want older, lower to medium rated overstock books. I would never expect a 4.0 or higher book to come out of this box just for that fact and from what I’ve seen other people unbox on YouTube.
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and the Story Begins said...
2 months ago
Myda, We would first off like to thank you for your feedback! We were however very disappointed to see the book box you received did not quite meet your expectations, and we would like to make it right. Even though your review was posted less than an hour after your Book Box was delivered, first impressions are still valuable to keep our readers happy and to improve on any areas for which it applies. Goodreads does provide a helpful star rating on each book listed, but it is more helpful to read the reviews which together make the average rating shown. For example, 70% of people who reviewed the 3-star book you received gave the book 3 or more stars (nearly 44% of those people gave the same book 4 or more stars). Since, our intent is to provide affordable books to the final customer, someone who may be too busy to browse a bookstore or someone who has read everything in their library, we lightly mark our books so they cannot be resold as new/full price; we do not buy from an overstock company. While we recommend ensuring pets and/or children NEVER get ahold of ANY type of packaging materials, all our packaging materials are 100% environmentally friendly, recycled materials. Again, we appreciate all types of feedback, especially from someone in marketing/advertising for a book publishing company, such as yourself. Since, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority we hope you will take the time to contact us directly.
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