Chocolate and book

Something to eat, something to drink, something to read! Perfect for all book and chocolate lovers!

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4.9 of 5 stars
by Barb written 3 days ago
I was so excited to receive my first chocolate and a book box. Love the idea of a surprise book! Well, it’s here and all is great except for the chocolate bar which is completely and totally dosappointing. I’ve put the chocolate in the fridge so we’ll see what happens. Otherwise, Im happy with everything else in the box and can’t wait to start reading the book. But, because of the chocolate issue, I will not be ordering another one of these boxes until the weather gets cooler. Hopefully I’ll find another box for the summer months.
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by Chelsea written Apr 29, 2018
I only subscribed to "Chocolate and a Book" for one month, but i DID enjoy the box i received. Personally, I would have preferred coffee (or maybe tea) to hot chocolate, but the drink and the chocolate were both yummy. The note from the author was a neat twist to this box. I'm keeping it as a book mark in the book i was mailed. I hadn't heard of the book I received, but the summary on the back intreagued me. I look forward to reading. The only reason i cancelled was so that i could afford to "test out" some of the other crates available, then pick the best for me. P.S. I LOVE that this is a scifi/fantasy box.
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by Amy written Apr 26, 2018
I really love the concept of the box and it's always so beautifully packaged, one of the most reasonable in terms of price too! The chocolates are always amazing and I love getting a surprise book!
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by Andrada-Maria written Apr 24, 2018
I ordered two boxes at once, one for me and one for my brother. Both arrived safely after just one week. Carefully wrapped, everything in the boxes was amazing, even the personal note that they left me. The books seem amazing and new additions to my quite vast personal library. The chocolate was very tasty. Haven't had one of the hot chocolates yet, but I'm sure I will love it. I had no idea there would be a bookmark in it, so that was a surprise and my brother has a letter from Matt Haig!!! We are both very excited to read How to Stop Time and happy that we have it in English. I had a very nice exchange of emails regarding a few questions about the boxes with the Chocolate and Book team. They are so considerate and happy to help you out with any inquiries. They even made sure, before sending the packages, that I am aware I have made two subscriptions at once. I will definitely order again from them.
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Love it!
by Eva written Apr 23, 2018
Love the toffe and salt chocolate, and the book looks exciting too. Also, big fan of the hot chocolate drinks that comes with this,.
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by Ashley written Apr 01, 2018
I loved the chocolate and it was nice getting a random book with no explanations
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by Pamela written Apr 01, 2018
I loved my first Book and chocolate, I’m looking forward to next months box!!!!
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by Olivia written Mar 20, 2018
This was such a treat! I recieved my first box today, shipping took less than four days to Sweden! I went for the surprise one, since I don't really have a fave genre, and it was so much fun, and the chocolate really good - both the edible and the drinkable. Will definately keep my subscription. Recommend to all who loves books (and chocolate, but everyone likes that). Big plus that they have the option of specifying any allergies or if you want vegan only.
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by Luisa written Mar 08, 2018
This is just the most wonderful box. I am always looking forward to getting it and unwrapping the items. the chocolate is always something novel which I would not choose myself but is just right. The hot chocolate is just great with the book and the book itself is always something I enjoy reading and haven't got for myself yet (I have a lot of books). I wish I could just shut myself in my house and do nothing else than read when the box arrives because I know I will adore the book I got. I love the bookmarks as well.
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Love it
by Dana written Feb 24, 2018
I received my 1 chocolate and book box today ..I was not disappointed..A lovely note from the author which I enjoyed ..a big white chocolate and raspberry bar ❤and three packets of hot chocolate... my book was wrapped in lovely paper and a bow ..I live in Pennsylvania and I received my box In 8 days which I thought was very fast coming from uk...Can't wait for next month's box !!
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