Chocolate and book

Something to eat, something to drink, something to read! Perfect for all book and chocolate lovers!

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4.9 of 5 stars
by Brittanie written Jul 24, 2018
I bought this box as a gift for a close friend of mine and she was ecstatic when I presented it to her! It was beautifully wrapped and really thought out. I especially appreciated the little questionnaire where I was able to request certain things be excluded due to my friends allergies! Thank you so much for helping me to put a smile on my friends face!
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by Olivia written Jul 18, 2018
Wonderful box. Always full of goodies in the right amount, and the books have all been relatively new! I always look forward to this box coming.
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Pleasantly surprised
by Sarah written Jun 21, 2018
Delicious chocolate, a selection of yummy drinks and a brand new book -all beautifully presented. It really felt as if Christmas had come early. Chocolate and Book is very high on my resubscription list.
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1st Box Recieved
by Zoe written Jun 14, 2018
I received my first box around the 22nd or 23rd and I loved it. Everything was packaged well and the book was wrapped in ribbons and extra tissue paper. The specialist Tea was devine. I wasnt too keen on this months chocolate but my best friend gobbled it up in seconds so clearly this is a personal taste issue. I really like how you can customize this box by selecting book types, and highlighting allergies and preferences with your chocolate. I selected alcohol free as I don't particularly like chocolate liqures but these little tweaks to a subscription box make the difference. This is a fantastic bargain I really enjoyed this box and I'm looking delightfully forward to my next arrival.
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by Häli written May 31, 2018
Awesome little box! A book, some delicious chocolate, tea and hot chocolate... what more can one want <3
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Wonderful, Personalized Experience
by Jessica written May 31, 2018
I purchased this Cratejoy box as a gift for my mom for Mother's Day. I made an error with my order and the chocolate and book team responded quickly and resolved the issue the next morning. The service I received made me feel valued as a customer. The box itself was even more impressive. It traveled all the way from London to Chicago in just a week and had not a thing out of place. The presentation was beautiful and felt so personalized compared to other subscription boxes. The products included were of great quality as well. I truly can't say enough about chocolate and book and the service I received. It's more than worth a try for yourself or for family and friends.
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Chocolate & Book is a winner!
by Carol written May 30, 2018
I bought this subscription as a gift for myself & it was everything I had hoped for. The book was so good, I stayed up half the night to finish it & the chocolate was a wonderful accompaniment. And, over the next 2 weeks, I felt so spoiled every time I made myself a cup of fancy hot chocolate! With a busy family life, it has been wonderful to have something that was just mine to enjoy. I can't wait to see what comes in the next box!
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by Barb written May 21, 2018
I was so excited to receive my first chocolate and a book box. Love the idea of a surprise book! Well, it’s here and all is great except for the chocolate bar which is completely and totally dosappointing. I’ve put the chocolate in the fridge so we’ll see what happens. Otherwise, Im happy with everything else in the box and can’t wait to start reading the book. But, because of the chocolate issue, I will not be ordering another one of these boxes until the weather gets cooler. Hopefully I’ll find another box for the summer months.
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by Chelsea written Apr 29, 2018
I only subscribed to "Chocolate and a Book" for one month, but i DID enjoy the box i received. Personally, I would have preferred coffee (or maybe tea) to hot chocolate, but the drink and the chocolate were both yummy. The note from the author was a neat twist to this box. I'm keeping it as a book mark in the book i was mailed. I hadn't heard of the book I received, but the summary on the back intreagued me. I look forward to reading. The only reason i cancelled was so that i could afford to "test out" some of the other crates available, then pick the best for me. P.S. I LOVE that this is a scifi/fantasy box.
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by Amy written Apr 26, 2018
I really love the concept of the box and it's always so beautifully packaged, one of the most reasonable in terms of price too! The chocolates are always amazing and I love getting a surprise book!
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