Chocolate and book
Something to eat, something to drink, something to read! Perfect for all book and chocolate lovers!

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4.9 of 5 stars
by Adriana written Oct 11, 2018
Each month that I got a box from Chocolate and Book, it brought so much joy to me (and to my husband who ate most of the chocolate) and I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone who is looking for an amazing book, great chocolate, and delicious tea. The amount of effort the team puts into each box is amazing, and I wish everyone would subscribe. Best of luck to everyone in the team!!
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Brilliant customer service
by Mariana written Sep 27, 2018
I disliked the type of chocolate I once was given and asked if it may be put on my account that I don’t like this. They quickly replied and did this, but also are sending two bars of chocolate this month as a consolation. This is very kind and I heavily enjoy this. Also, all the books I have been given so far have been heavily enjoyable and interesting. Many thanks to chocolate and book for a great subscription.
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Chocolate, hot cocoa, and books oh my!
by Skylar written Sep 26, 2018
I absolutely loved this month's YA chocolate and book! The chocolate I was given was white chocolate, and although I don't care for cranberry it turned out to be amazing. The book was "The Serpent King," which is actually a book I have been eyeing for a while!! Thanks so much!
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by Jasmine written Sep 23, 2018
Received my first box today really good books especially the tea & chocolate
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First box
by lorraine written Sep 17, 2018
Was really nice and chocolate was fab. Will be resubscribing in future
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Birthday for Mom
by Betsey written Sep 14, 2018
Went shopping for a gift for my Mom and found chocolate and a book. Looked like a great way to make a birthday last 6 months instead of a day. They ship toward the end of the month and her day is at the beginning. Sent a message to see if they could expedite. Not only did they reply to me but they managed to deliver on my moms birthday! She was stoked .... “The box smelled absolutely divine when I opened it. A blurb on the book says that it is "Hanzel and Gretel meets The Godfather" I think it will be an interesting read. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It is a great and thoughtful gift.” Thanks Chocolate and a Book for the stellar gift and timing!!!
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Fantastic customer service
by T written Sep 04, 2018
I bought a box a few months ago as a gift and the owner was so pleasant and wonderful in answering questions. The person who received the gift was in love with everything inside as well! Amazing company.
Love this box
by Ruth written Aug 23, 2018
I absolutely love this box it came beautifully wrapped especially the book which arrived wrapped in yellow tissue paper with a cute black bow. I can't wait to read this book with a hot chocolate 😁
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by Brittanie written Jul 24, 2018
I bought this box as a gift for a close friend of mine and she was ecstatic when I presented it to her! It was beautifully wrapped and really thought out. I especially appreciated the little questionnaire where I was able to request certain things be excluded due to my friends allergies! Thank you so much for helping me to put a smile on my friends face!
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by Olivia written Jul 18, 2018
Wonderful box. Always full of goodies in the right amount, and the books have all been relatively new! I always look forward to this box coming.
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