We pack each month's bento with great anime trading figures, T-shirts, accessories, and snacks!

Plans as low as $35.00 / month

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Jun 15, 2018
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Honestly not worth it...it's about $35, but you still have to pay shipping. That equals around a $45 order because of it. The only thing I really liked was the shirt, everything else was a little crappy...I got a cup hanger thing that is around $9 online, a very small phone chain that's probably $8, candy that you could probably buy for $1.50 at Daiso, and the shirt is say...$25. The folder they gave us would have to be worth a lot to equal that $60 price they promised...and it's a little sad that the anime bento exclusive item is a folder as well...very disappointed. I'll give it 2 stars because I at least liked the theme of this box (which is a little sad too because you'd think I'd be overjoyed...but whatever) Shipping was not a problem for me, but may be a problem for a lot -- shipping was not too fast for such a high shipping price too. Would not order again unless they have a super good theme that I would die not ordering.

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