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Has potential but needs improvement

2 days ago
Melissa C.
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I've received three boxes so far and the experience has been... okay. This last box contained 2 items easily found on AliExpress making it very difficult to see how we get value for money in every box.

The shipping has been extraordinarily late with no explanation provided if you aren't a member of the Facebook group. I understand a pandemic is going on but maybe sending out a mass email apologising for the box being sent a month (!) late would help the delay go down easier as well as reduce the number of impatient queries. It also doesn't help that when people leave feedback in the form of a negative review it seems to be ignored by the business and generally attacked by loyal subscribers, which is not a good look. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and the opportunity to share their experience.

Customer service is SO important to any business, and just saying you don't have time for it isn't good enough.

That said, the artwork on the booklet is stunning, and the information provided is well researched. Generally there are one or two items in the box that are nice, such as the loose incense in this last box which smells heavenly. This box has some real potential and I would like to see it improve but at this stage I can't recommend it.

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Nov 14, 2019
Holly S.
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Customer service is slow but is good when recived. Am yet to receive box and will review than.

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