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Delivering personally curated, hand-selected prints from around the world!

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Plans as low as $20.00 / month
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  • Within 24-48 hrs of signing up, your dedicated curator will reach out with your hand-selected curation. Once you've made your selection, our production team will ship it to you within 5-7 days.
  • Ships to from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime

Delivering personally curated, hand-selected prints from around the world!

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Elevate your home decor with curated art
With the Art Crate subscription, you can style your home over time... without all of the work. Filling your home with art can be expensive and time consuming. Art Crate makes it easy and affordable! Your curator will help you build a collection that compliments your style and fits your home. Every month your curator will hand-select art and work wi
  • 8 subscription options to choose from
  • 1 print per month
  • Print sizes: small to XL
  • Premium quality: Receive the highest quality archival fine art paper and handcrafted framing
  • Access a tightly curated selection of well-known and up-and-coming artists



Q: What is the size of a medium and a small?Asked by Elizabeth C., December 2019

Hi Elizabeth,
Our Small Plan sizes are 8in x 10in or 8in x 8in.
Medium Plan sizes are 12in x 16in or 12in x 12in.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us by using the Contact Seller button on our listing

by Chris L., December 2019


Q: Is it possible to receive varying sizes each month? Asked by Rebecca K., April 2020

Yes! We make it very easy to change your plan each month. We encourage our clients to adjust the sizes they receive. A personal curator is assigned to you when you sign up and can assist in recommending sizes and making changes to your plan.

by Chris L., April 2020

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4 reviews

Love art crate!

Apr 21, 2016
Anna R.
1 Review
3 Helpful Votes
Subscribed for 7 months

I have loved every piece of art that I have received from art crate. When people come into my home they say they feel like they are in a HGTV show and I know it is because of my diverse and awesome art collection. I loved how with art crate you could change your sizing preferences at any time so it was easy to get a variety.

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one-trick pony!

Oct 11, 2019
Tisha B.
1 Review
4 Helpful Votes
Subscribed for 4 years

I really wanted this to be what I imagined this! While this was great for a couple of months, after that it seems to be stale or recycled of the rejected ones. I would either skip months, pick out items for gifts (which I barely gave) or just pick the best of what was offered after getting a new pick to get over the process and see if there were something new in the next month. Unfortunately this didn't come. As many times I skipped months, tried getting new offerings, showing pictures of what I liked by descriptions of store esthetics, pictures, color combos or instagram. This didn't help. After a while, I was frustrated. I cancelled my box subscription multiple times, and they kept charging me and without a curation, they ignored my numerous emails on getting art or a refund, stopped email me pictures and never sent me art. As I said I enjoy some of the art, overall what a waste of money. You will settle or overpay in my case with nothing to see. Go find a local artist, or indie store. You'll know who it's going to and appreciate it more in the long run.

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Great product

Mar 06, 2020
2 Reviews
1 Helpful Vote
Subscribed for 11 months

I really enjoyed receiving the art prints from Art-crate. Their customer service is great. Rachel was a tremendous help when I had questions. I recommend Art-crate to anyone wishing to break out of their art print rut.

Verified Purchase

Home art made easy

Apr 27, 2016
1 Review
4 Helpful Votes

I've been using Art Crate for a short while now, and have received and hung a few pieces of art throughout my home. I love the idea; I think they have a great business model.
Upon joining Art Crate, I was set up with a curator named Rachel. She's been a wonderful curator, and I've really liked almost 90% of the things she's sent me. Rachel has really taken the time to understand my tastes and is constantly working with me to make sure the art she sources for me is spot on. The art has always arrived on time, and Art crate stands behind their perfect print promise. One piece I wasn't quite sure about when I was holding it in my hands. Rachel sent over free return shipping labels and curated a new piece for me. The new piece she found is my absolute favorite! I would definitely recommend Art Crate to my friends.

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